12 Jun 2015

SurvivalBlog Review: The Survival Template

“I highly recommend this book. It truly is a template for survival. Everyone would benefit from reading this book and implementing Heatherly’s ideas into their lives.” –SurvivalBlog Much thanks to SurvivalBlog for this thorough review of The Survival Template, authored by our Editor, John A. Heatherly The Survival Template by John

07 Mar 2015

Book Trailer – The Survival Template

The Survival Template by John A. Heatherly Available at Amazon and in the iTunes Store “I don’t throw the term ‘life changing’ around lightly but this book has very likely altered the way I think, the way I plan and the way I see my future as I’ve laid it

03 Mar 2015

Video Trailer – The Cave and The Sea, A Novel

The Cave and The Sea, A Novel, by John A. Heatherly “The popular book and movie series, The Hunger Games, has been credited with inspiring interest in survival skills with young people. Military survival expert, John A. Heatherly, has written an historical adventure novel that has the capability to have

25 Feb 2015

Book Review: The Survival Template

Thanks to SurvivalMonkey.com for this thorough Review of The Survival Template, written by our Editor, John A. Heatherly. “I don’t throw the term ‘life changing’ around lightly but this book has very likely altered the way I think, the way I plan and the way I see my future as I’ve

03 Feb 2015

5 Reasons to Add Pitch Wood to Your Survival Kit

For many backpackers who like to minimize weight and space in their ruck, the addition of a small piece of Pitch Wood may seem inefficient. The unfortunate backpacker who happens to fall in an icy creek, however, will appreciate the fast availability of pitch wood that has been stowed away

01 Feb 2015

Walking Onions Invaded My Bug-Out!

Walking Onions, also known as “Tree Onions” or “Topsetters,” may be the toughest plants in the garden.  The picture above was taken in Oklahoma, where 12 original bulbs survived the heat and lack of water of the last few summers to take over a raised bed and part of the

01 Feb 2015

Add a Cast Net to Your Survival Kit

A Cast Net can be an effective means of harvesting bait or even larger fish to be eaten. The use of a Cast Net may seem intimidating but this how-to video breaks it down step-by-step. This type of net could come in handy if hungry and in need of dinner!

31 Jan 2015

Neighborhood Plant Inventory

Urban survival practice can benefit from a documented “Neighborhood Plant Inventory.” Observe the picture above, as an example. Just beneath the letter “N” is a clump of Sage bushes, which can be used as a spice in cooking; can be rubbed over the teeth and gums as a toothpaste substitute; or

28 Jan 2015

Everyday Carry: The Benchmade Flipper

“…if you give an Indian or a mountain man a knife he’d make out anywhere, no matter what.” – Hardy Collins, from Louis L’Amour’s Down The Long Hills Why is the Flipper recommended for Everyday Carry (EDC?) This brilliant knife opens with the speed of an automatic and the strength

25 Jan 2015

Environmental Checklists

The development of checklists as “cheating tools” or “training wheels” can be an effective means of furthering survival acumen. An opportunity to practice this approach is presented in the picture above, “Environment Checklists.” Examine the picture, with the intent of creating a checklist for four major survival needs: shelter, water,