22 Jun 2017

[DEFINITELY A MUST SEE VIDEO] Watch This Sniper Take-Out The ISIS Bad Guys

If you’re like me, nothing makes you happier, than seeing a sniper take-out the bad guys with a single shot. A centuries-old tool of warfare, sniping is being refined here as a military option with modern-day applications. Snipers are invaluable for light infantry maneuvering and nighttime defense and in the twilight

05 Jun 2017

ISIS Is On The Rampage And The Democrats Are Helping Them….Maybe It’s Time We Send ISIS & The Democrats A Message Of Our Own

I realize this particular type of narrative isn’t very popular with so-called “liberals”, but I don’t give a rats-ass. But given the fact that ISIS is on the rampage in 2017, even during their so-called “Holy Days” of Ramadan and since liberal politicians across Europe, Canada and even some here

24 May 2017

Moron Celeb Katy Perry Weighs-in On Manchester Islamic Terror Attack & Here’s What I think Of Her Stupid Crap !!

I am sick to death with mega-wealthy, idiot Hollywood celebrities like Katy Perry, telling the rest of us what we should do regarding radical Islamic terrorists. These morons don’t live in the real world, they live in a cultural vacuum, surrounded by idiotic little liberal sycophants, who only want to

24 Apr 2017

An Incredible Tale Of Survival: One Man’s Story How He Escaped Death From ISIS [WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO CONTENT]

This is an incredible story of survival, one man tells how he escaped execution by ISIS and managed to return home. In June of 2014 ISIS massacred hundreds of Iraqi military recruits, one man out of that group of hundreds that managed to survive and make it back to safety tells

19 Apr 2017

ISIS Goons Make The Mistake Of Shooting At One Of Our Helicopters…Then The Chopper Crew Fires Back

The murderers and baby rapists who call themselves “ISIS” actually believe that when it comes to the U.S. Armed Forces, that the Americans are somehow afraid of them. Sadly for these goat-humping morons, it’s a mistake they only make once. Most Americans (non-liberal Americans that is) will be more than

conspiracy theories
21 Dec 2016

Anti-Western conspiracy theories rife in Turkey following Russian ambassador shooting

Several conspiracy theories are flying around in Turkey following the assassination of the Russian ambassador to the country at the hands of a gunman who shouted “Remember Syria! Remember Aleppo!” during the attack.

22 Nov 2016

FBI Warns Law Enforcement of Potential Terror Threat on Thanksgiving

The FBI issued an alert to law enforcement throughout the country warning that terrorist groups are planning to attack venues on Thanksgiving.

01 Nov 2016

Islamic State-Linked Magazine Urges ‘Lone-Wolf’ Attacks in West

An Islamic State (ISIS)-linked propaganda magazine, published in English, Arabic, and French by the Nashir Media Foundation, is urging jihadists in Europe and the United States to carry out deadly “lone-wolf” attacks to avenge the terrorist group’s losses in Mosul. In the second issue of the magazine, titled Nashir – Now

26 Oct 2016

ISIS Forcing Civilians to be Human Shields

ISIS militants are reportedly forcing civilians in their self-declared caliphate to relocate to Mosul, in what is likely preparation to use them as human shields ahead of a planned allied assault on the city. Fighters for the extremist group are going door-to-door in towns and villages south of Iraq’s second-largest

17 Oct 2016

Europe should prepare for fresh wave of Isil jihadists

Europe must prepare for a fresh influx of Islamic State jihadists fleeing Mosul as the army moves in on their last Iraqi stronghold, the EU’s security commissioner has warned. “The retaking of the IS’s northern Iraq territory, Mosul, may lead to the return to Europe of violent IS fighters,” Julian