10 Dec 2017

Are You A Beginning Pistol Shooter…Well Here’s How You Can Become An Expert

I took my youngest son out shooting recently and since he has never fired a pistol before, I tried to give him some tips on how to hit the target. Since I’ve been handling rifles and pistols for the last 47 years, I’d like to think that I knew what

25 Mar 2017

Rattlesnake Is Good Eating…Here’s How To Skin And Cook One

In the video below, it shows you how to skin and cook a rattlesnake. Now, there are some, who normally would touch a snake, let alone a rattlesnake, but if you are ever stranded out in the bush, one can’t afford to be picky when scrounging up a meal. I’ve

09 Feb 2017

Ashley Shows How To Field Strip And Clean Your AR-15 Rifle

Watch as Ashley shows you how to field strip and clean your AR-15 rifle. I realize that some guys are afflicted with a short attention span, that’s why I put a video in this article with a pretty girl. I’m a firm believer in visual concepts in order to teach someone

Faraday cage
06 Dec 2016

Build A Faraday Cage to Survive EMP

It’s common knowledge that a Faraday cage is the safest way to shield their contents from electromagnetic energy.

backup plan
03 Dec 2016

You better have a plan “B” when it all falls apart or you may not survive!

Having a plan is good, but having a backup plan is critical! Most of us know from our everyday life that things seldom go as planned and that will also be even truer when the world falls apart.

03 Dec 2016

Prepper Rules-Of-Three

Preparing and Survival for the most part may be broken down into “Time-Lines”. These concepts have been written about in many articles and seemingly are explained very simply.

forest fires
26 Nov 2016

Preparing For And Protecting You Home And Or Retreat From Forest Fire

I had another post in mind to submit to you folks but forest fires are a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I’ve recently become aware of the fires burning in various areas particularly in the Southeastern United States.

22 Nov 2016

The Realistic Prepping Plan

It seems no matter which way you turn lately, there’s someone trying to tell you that you need to prep and unless you have X, Y, and Z, you will fail. You will suffer. Your kids will suffer. “But if you buy this one item, you’ll be all set!”

10 Nov 2016

The Apocabox — A Nifty Way to Encourage Self-Reliance

After several subscribers on my YouTube channel recommended it, I got a subscription for Creek Stewart’s Apocabox. I’ve done dozens of product reviews, but this is the first time I’ve done an actual box-opening video, where I hadn’t examined the product before the shoot. To top it all, when the Apocabox arrives in the mail, you don’t even know what’s in it.

07 Nov 2016

12 Reasons Fire Is Crucial For Disaster Survival

During a major disaster, you probably won’t have the convenience of modern utilities such as gas, electricity, and clean water. Whether you’re in the city for work or in the wilderness on vacation, you’ll need to turn back to the basics of survival if the SHTF.