15 May 2017

One Of The Top Guns Of The Old West Wasn’t A Colt…Look Here To See What It Really Was

When we think of the Old West  and the guns used during that time in history, we always seem to think of the iconic Colt Peacemaker. While Colonel Colt and his gun were no doubt a significant part of American  history, there were other guns out there that were just

19 Oct 2016

Choosing the best survival gun for your prepping plans

When the brown stuff hits the fan which gun would you grab if your survival depends on it? Making the right choice seems easy for some and many will argue that a .22 rifle or the AR-15 is the best survival gun out there. Unfortunately, things are never easy when

17 Oct 2016

Cop ‘moons’ Clinton sign, spurs free speech debate

When an Oelwein Police Department reserve officer “mooned” and pointed a gun at a Hillary Clinton yard sign, was it legally protected free expression or misconduct meriting disciplinary action? That’s the debate after a photo of the act surfaced on social media last week. The incident has prompted an “internal review,” Oelwien Police

07 Oct 2016

Chicago Police Officer Beaten By Drug Addict

“She thought she was going to die. She knew that she should shoot this guy, but she chose not to, because she didn’t want her family or the department to have to go through the scrutiny the next day on national news,” Supt. Johnson said.

28 Jul 2016

How to Protect Yourself When You’re Not Allowed to Have a Weapon

When I see and hear about terrorist attacks, in particular, in countries where people are not allowed to have any weapons, it makes me angry. Protecting yourself, protecting your family and your home — isn’t that a God-given right? If a government takes away your right to protect your own

14 Jul 2016

How Castile Told Officer About Gun Critical in Final Moments

The final moments before Philando Castile was killed by a police officer during a traffic stop in suburban St. Paul revolved around a gun he was licensed to carry, trained to use safely and instructed to tell authorities about when stopped. But just how he informed the officer — and

17 Jun 2016

Top Gun Stats Liberals Don’t Want You to Know

In the wake of the Orlando terror attack–carried out by a gunman who ignored the Pulse Orlando’s gun-free designation–liberals are eagerly working to limit the Second Amendment rights of citizens throughout the country. In so doing, they are pushing numerous gun controls that are not only theoretically troublesome but which