01 Jan 2018

While Surf Fishing Guy Gets A Chunk Taken Out His Hand By The Worst Thing That Can Bite You

Before we get into this, just let me first say…no…it wasn’t a shark. Since this was obviously filmed on the east coast, I’m not too familiar with the fish he caught. So I did some research and learned a couple of things about this particular fish and what I found,

12 Dec 2017

These Are The BIGGEST Moments In Fishing History…And No One Got Away

Who doesn’t love a good fishing story? But in most cases, the story ends with “and before I could land it…it got away”. Well, that’s not the case here, in fact, a couple of the monsters mentioned in the video below, still hold a record to this very day. Just

25 Jul 2017

Here Are 15 Amazon River Monsters That Might Make You Change Your Vacation Plans To South America

In the Amazon River, there are a multitude of creatures that can either harm you, kill you and yes…even EAT you. I chose the video below for several reasons, one would be, that even though most civilized countries are doing their best to help animals with conservation, my biggest worry

15 May 2017

The Ultimate Apex Ocean Predator Killer Whales Or Great White Sharks…The Answer Here

So, who is the better killer…the fearsome great white shark, or, the killer whale ? Both animals are fearsome predators, other than one being a fish and the other a mammal, what is the big difference?  The video below answers those very questions and much, much more. Both marine animals

14 Apr 2017

The 10 Most Horrifying Things Actually Found Inside A Human Body

These are the 10 most horrifying things that were actually found INSIDE a human body. Everything from growing plants, fish and even spiders, these unfortunate people had the fright of a lifetime when they found out what was inside different areas of their bodies. There’s no photo-shop stuff in the

23 Feb 2017

Stop Eating Tilapia Right Now Here Are The Disgusting Reasons Why

  Tilapia is the third most consumed type of fish in America. However, it has been under fire for quite some time now as there is mounting evidence tilapia fish is grown in bad farming conditions in China. On one hand, the fish is quite inexpensive, it can be bought

12 Feb 2017

Here Are The Top 5 Biggest Great White Sharks That Were Ever Caught

There is no other fish swimming in the ocean that strikes more terror into the hearts of humans, than the Great White shark. They’ve been around in the oceans of the planet for quite a while, but it wasn’t until 1974 that the Great White truly became a celebrity. Yes,

01 Feb 2015

Add a Cast Net to Your Survival Kit

A Cast Net can be an effective means of harvesting bait or even larger fish to be eaten. The use of a Cast Net may seem intimidating but this how-to video breaks it down step-by-step. This type of net could come in handy if hungry and in need of dinner!