07 Feb 2017

This Israeli Bandage Can Stop Bleeding Almost Immediately

This Israeli bandage is a phenomenal product that can literally stop bleeding almost immediately after application to the wound, it’s a new breakthrough in first aid. It is also fairly inexpensive, at only a of cost of $12.95. This is a product that I would recommend  for hunters and Prepper’s.

04 Feb 2017

XSTAT First Aid Item Instantly Seals Gunshot Wounds

This is the XSTAT and it’s a really great new device from a company called RevMedX. It was specifically designed to stop severe wounds either from gunshots, or shrapnel in less than 20 seconds. This devise will save countless lives on the battlefield and also in any urban setting when a

28 Jan 2017

The Top Five Facts About Getting Shot

Getting shot is no joke, depending on the caliber of the bullet and the type of weapon being used, gunshot wounds can vary very differently. Firearms safety plays a big part in this, always make sure that any weapons you do have lying around the house, are empty and or,

10 Oct 2016

In a Montana Bear Attack, Lessons on Hope, Survival and First Aid

A 50-year-old man was attacked by a bear in the wilderness of southwest Montana. Alone and injured, he walked — then drove — for miles to save himself. How did he do it? The man, Todd Orr, said he was scouting for elk in a mountainous valley on Sept. 30

09 Sep 2016

Must-Have First Aid Kit Contents

Your first aid kit contents are crucial, especially when it comes to everyday emergencies. This pocket-sized first aid kit is small and convenient without sacrificing safety. Must-Have First Aid Kit Contents A well-stocked first aid kit is an absolute essential for a great survivalist, but how do you narrow it down

15 Jul 2016

Snake Bite First Aid and Treatment: How to prevent, recognize and treat snake bites

While most North American snakes are not poisonous, nearly 8,000 people are bitten by venomous snakes each year. Despite this, there are usually less than eight deaths per year. This statistic should not, however, lead backpackers and hikers to believe snakes aren’t something to worry about. Snakes do not want

29 Jun 2016

Creating a DIY Natural First Aid Kit

You might think that since my husband is a paramedic, we have an elaborate first aid kit with all sorts of tape, bandages, creams and supplies for treating all sorts of emergencies. While those items and more can certainly be found in the back of his ambulance, our first aid

04 Mar 2015

Oft-Overlooked Survival Hygiene

“Now, this bucket with soap and detergent feels like luxury wedding presents for our family. We need them badly…” For most of us, personal hygiene is part of our daily routine. When routine is disrupted by unforeseen circumstances, like the three successive natural disasters described below, hygiene can be overlooked.