17 Dec 2017

These Are The Top 10 Guns That If You Own Any Of Them….You Should Never Sell Them

I have to say, that this video speaks for itself. I suppose I could make a list of the 10 weapons that are mentioned in the video, but for the sake of argument, I won’t.  Interestingly enough, there are more than a couple of weapons mentioned, that either I myself

03 Oct 2017

Going Full-On Old West With The Henry All Weather 45/70

When out on the prairie, or in the woods, if you want a rifle that will take-down any kind of big game, then the Henry All-Weather 45-70 is the rifle you want to be carrying. One thing is certain, after firing-off a few rounds with this bad-boy, you are going

15 Sep 2017

Epic Gun & Hunting Fails….Please Don’t Be This Stupid [Video]

Every now and then, I just have to publish an article that shows that firearms aren’t necessarily for everyone. We here at Survival Nation cannot stress enough that everyone who picks-up a firearm, must and should receive the proper training beforehand. Not knowing proper firearm safety can have deadly results,

01 Sep 2017

If One .50 Cal Rifle Is Good…Then 3 Must Be Awesome…Right?

Normally I try to stay away from videos that are more than 15 minutes in length, that is of course unless it’s a really good and informative video that grabs and keeps your attention. This is one of those, not only is it an interesting video, but keeps you focused

24 Aug 2017

Couple Coming Home From Church Find Woman Parked In Their Driveway When Asked To Leave…She Does The Unthinkable

Imagine for a moment, that you are coming home from church on a beautiful Sunday morning and you see a strange car parked in your driveway, after asking the person to leave, then the person does the unthinkable and suddenly pulls a gun on you. That’s exactly what happened to

23 Jul 2017

The ‘Urban Carry G2’ An Incredible Concealed Carry Holster So Well Made…Nobody Will Know You Carry

The G2 Urban Carry is a uniquely designed holster to comfortably carry your concealed firearm with any outfit for nearly any situation. Proudly made in the United States of America the Urban Carry is made with 100% genuine saddle grade leather. The G2 Urban Carry is a rapid deploying uniquely

21 Jul 2017

Here’s Something Right Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie: The UTS 15 Shotgun

Hickok45 is showing us a very interesting firearm, the UTS 15 Shotgun. Now, I realize that this particular video is a little longer that most, but it’s definitely worth watching. Say what you will about our old buddy Hickok45, but he’s thorough and doesn’t leave any stone un-turned when it

19 Jul 2017

These Are The Top 5 DUMBEST Gun Accessories Available To Buy (but don’t)

These days, most folks don’t have alot of spare cash lying around to just go and buy the stuff that they need, that’s how tight money is just coming out of the Obama failed economy. And there’s alot of people who want to buy some really cool accessories for their

16 Jul 2017

Our Old Buddy Hickok45 Shows Us The Ruger Hawkeye Model 77 Guide Gun .338 Win Mag

Our old buddy Hickok45 is back and this time, he’s giving us his impression of the Ruger Hawkeye Model 77 Guide Gun .338 Win Mag. I am definitely a fan of Ruger’s products, they’re made exceptionally well and they are awesome guns to own. The only thing makes he a little

15 Jul 2017

Here’s A Cool Video…’Best Weapons & Skillshots 2016′

In a video long gone viral, we get to see a veritable plethora of many different kinds of firearms and different skillshots from several different people, both male and female. A Skillshot is a type of champion ability that casts a projectile that requires careful aim to hit a target. Skillshots projectiles