01 Nov 2016

Leaked Photos Show Mexicans Overcome U.S. Border Security with Only a Raft

Mexican drug cartel smugglers continue to penetrate the porous U.S. border with almost complete impunity. A series of leaked images obtained exclusively by Breitbart Texas reveal the moment when a group of smugglers operating in Los Zetas cartel territory are able to use rafts to move across the Texas border.

23 Sep 2016

Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Strain In Hawaii A First For U.S.

A drug-resistant cluster of gonorrhea infections in Hawaii have health officials worried that the sexually transmitted disease could soon prove untreatable. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced this week that anantibiotic-resistant strain was discovered earlier this year in seven patients in Honolulu. All the individuals ― six men

06 Sep 2016

600 Marijuana Plants Found Growing Behind Connecticut Day Care Center

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (CBSNewYork/AP) — State inspectors have found more than 600 marijuana plants growing behind a Connecticut day care center, and police say arrests are forthcoming. Police were called to a home day care center in West Haven on Friday after inspectors discovered the plants during a routine inspection.

02 Sep 2016

Getting high on cannabis makes you less likely to work hard for money, study says

Using marijuana makes people slightly less likely to work hard for money, according to a study said to be the first to scientifically confirm what generations of drug users and their friends knew already. However the researchers found no difference between cannabis users not under the influence of the drug and non-users