26 Jun 2015

Making Sewing Materials/Sutures From Agave | Dr Bones

Please enjoy this teaching video on how to make needles and suture/sewing material from agave plants. Agave is effective whether suturing an injury or sewing clothes.

09 Jun 2015

Blister Treatment / Survival Medicine By Nurse Amy

Blister care after a long hike! Survival Medicine from www.DoomandBloom.net – Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy show you how to care for a fresh, raw, new blister. Real life experience for your education. Medical supplies available at http://store.doomandbloom.net/.

03 Apr 2015

Doom and Bloom Medical Survival Kit, Blade Show, Equip 2 Endure

The lovely Nurse Amy gives us a quick overview of one of these well-stocked Medical Survival Kits, designed and built by Doom and Bloom. What medical supplies do you keep for your home and vehicle?

01 Apr 2015

Basics of Ballistic Trauma

Ballistics is the science that deals with the launching, flight, behavior, and effects of projectiles. A projectile can include anything that can be launched by physical or mechanical means, such as a rock, baseball, spear, arrow, bullet, or missile. In this article, we will discuss basic of ballistic trauma, mostly as caused from small

05 Mar 2015

Survival Medical Supplies

Thanks to Nurse Amy for this extensive list of Survival Medical Supplies. See also references to other medical information like “How to Suture” and “How to Staple Skin.” Here’s my list of Survival and Collapse medical supplies with natural remedies included. We include natural remedies for first use or back up to

21 Feb 2015

Essential Oils as Medicinal Survival Aid

(Dr. Bones Says:  This discussion relates to essential oil as a survival tool in a post-apocalyptic setting. Seek modern and standard medical care in normal times.) As a medical doctor/registered nurse practitioner team, we received conventional medical training at university hospitals while getting our degrees.  Since that time, however, we