27 Jul 2015

Homemade Water Filter – DIY Water Filtration – (Clear/Clean Water When You Need It!)

This simple DIY water filter requires only: a plastic bottle; sand; gravel; activated charcoal (from Walmart or the pet store, and; a cotton ball. A device like this will take the most disgusting pond water and make it clear and ready for boiling or chemical purification. Thanks to desertsun02 for the how-to

15 Jun 2015

DIY Emergency 5 Gallon Water Filter / Filtration System for $35

This DIY Emergency 5 Gallon Water Filter features a ceramic candle filter from Cheaperthandirt. Inexpensive, simple setup that will guarantee drinkable water, even from clay-filled Oklahoma water sources. Thanks to DoubleTapShooting for the awesome how-to information.

01 Jun 2015

Make A Survival Water Filter – Step-By-Step – Portable Emergency Water Filter DIY

If you have ever consumed purified but unfiltered water for an extended period, you know the value of clean, near-tasteless water. Watch this simple, DIY solution to the nasty water problem, presented by Dave from Ultimate Survival Tips. With a few easy to obtain items, filtered water can be readily

14 May 2015

The Ultimate DIY Water Filter! – The “2 Stage” (Carbon+Heated Coil) Purifier! – Uses No Electricity!

Check out this incredible, inexpensive water filter/purification design from DesertSun02. Here’s the description: “Ultimate DIY Water Filter! This Homemade Water Purifier is extremely effective and super easy to make. The “2 Stage” design purifies almost all water sources to 99.999%. Starts to produce clean/clear (super hot) water within 20 seconds!