05 Oct 2015

50+ Wilderness Survival Tips

Here’s a few handy tips and tricks that may just come in useful one day.  This video is great. Packed with tips for survival even some that I did not know!   Hope you enjoy! Like and Share!

08 Sep 2015

Campfire Cooking – A Typical Morning Meal

IHatchetJack – Time for breakfast!

02 Sep 2015

Camp Fire Cooking: Shutup! I’m Gonna Teach You Something

jamesryanphoto – Cooking over a camp fire with things we bought at the civil war renactment. Bread Rocks in the dutch oven!

21 Aug 2015

Pie Iron Bacon Egg Sandwich & Apple Pie

My little boy absolutely loves Pie Iron meals. Nothing better than a grilled cheese sandwich cooked over the fire. These recipes from Jd Outside will be part of our next outdoor cooking experience. Here’s what Jd says about this clip: “To make the Bacon Egg Sandwich, first cut the bacon so it

10 Feb 2015

Double Pie Iron Grilled Cheese!

For about $20, the Rome Cookware Double Pie Iron proved to be a priceless addition to our outdoor cook-set.  My three-year-old son went absolutely bonkers during the entire grilled-cheese process! To make ordinary grilled-cheese “smoky” and extraordinary, we simply buttered the bread, added cheese, then enclosed it in the pie-iron. Caution!  The