15 Jun 2017

What Would You Do If You Found A Burmese Python Eating Your Family Pet…Here’s What One Florida Man Did

What would you do if you went out into your backyard and saw that a very large Burmese python had not only killed your family pet, but was also in the process of starting to eat it ? Well, one Florida man came upon that exact scenario, he found a

21 Apr 2017

A Real Fight To The Death In The Florida Everglades Caught On Video: Alligator vs Burmese Python

Not all that long ago, the alligator was the apex predator in the Florida Everglades. With the introduction of an invasive species like the Burmese Python….now the alligator has some serious competition , not only for food, but when these two predators meet, only one will come out on top. Burmese

06 Mar 2017

Watch As An Indigo Snake Eats A Burmese Python For Lunch

An Indigo snake makes a quick snack out of a young Burmese python. Newborn Burmese Pythons have to move quickly away from their nest before predators picks up their sent. The Indigo Snake is a formidable snake hunter, which would not hesitate to attack and feed on rattlesnakes, cottonmouth and

27 Feb 2017

Watch As A Large Python Eats Whole Alligator In Everglades

Watching a large python constrict and then eat an alligator whole will be enough to give you nightmares, especially if you have a fear of snakes. If you live in , or around certain areas in Florida, you might want to be aware of your surrounding, the video below was

08 Feb 2017

Burmese Python Bites The Face Of Snake Handler

Watching professional snake handler Steve Masek grapple with a Burmese python, it’s a wonder why anyone would do this for a living. He successfully gets a hold of the snake, but the snake wasn’t done with him and manages to bite Masek in the face and won’t let go. After Masek