09 Sep 2016

Hollande calls for France to ’embrace’ Islam and rejects calls for a nationwide burkini ban

Islam can co-exist with secularism, President Francois Hollande said Thursday, warning in a speech seen as preparing the ground for a re-election bid that the anti-terror fight should not undermine French values. The deeply unpopular Hollande has yet to announce whether he will run for a second term next year,

19 Aug 2016

Germany Proposes Partial Ban on Face Veils in Public Places

BERLIN — Under growing pressure from the far right in German state elections next month, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc said on Friday that Muslim women should be barred from wearing face veils in schools, universities and when driving. The proposal, which would ban the wearing of veils in any

04 Aug 2016

Burqa-Clad Attackers Beat Pregnant Woman for ‘Revealing Clothes’

A Turkish newspaper employee was tackled to the floor during an attack by burqa-clad women accusing the six-months pregnant victim of being a “Gulenist” and wearing “revealing” clothes that violate sharia law. The women were accompanied by a man who warned she was one of four other “targets” they would

07 Jul 2016

Burka ban for Muslims enforced in Switzerland

A new burka ban has been enforced in a Swiss canton, with two people already being fined for defying it. A Swiss woman, who has converted to Islam, and a French-Algerian businessman publically opposed the ban in the city of Locarno in the canton of Tessin were both fined when