16 Jan 2018

Amazing…One Of The Clearest Photos Of A Sasquatch Ever Taken

Whether you are a believer, or not, too many people have reported seeing large, hairy, bi-pedal creatures in the woods of the Northwest. Over the last 50 years alone sightings of the creature have increased dramatically.  Some people who have had ‘encounters’, or, who have made made sightings, have reluctantly

05 Dec 2017

This You Should Take A Look At: Bigfoot Captured On A Trail Cam Near The Klamath River ?

Here’s what we know, a trail cam was posted up in a tree, near the Klamath river , near the Oregon/California border. It was posted above a feeder and the image of the creature is one of the clearest that I’ve ever seen. The area of the Klamath river between

13 Oct 2017

Clearly Filmed For The First Time Entire Sasquatch Tribe…It’s Not a “Myth” Anymore

Some scientists argued that Bigfoot is nothing more than man in gorilla costume, or a mislabeled bear, while others insisted that Sasquatch is an undiscovered ape species driven to the brink of extension by humans. Once again, I leave this up to you, the audience, as to whether you wish

12 Sep 2017

Whether You’re A Believer Or Not…These Are The 5 Most Compelling Pieces Of Bigfoot Evidence [VIDEO]

Whether you are a believer or not, there have been too many sightings of a large bi-pedal creature in North America to ignore. Renowned wildlife biologist *John A. Bindernagel says; “Sasquatch hasn’t ignored science, science has ignored Sasquatch”. *Bindernagel grew up in Ontario, attended the University of Guelph and received a

15 Jun 2017

Here Is AMAZING CLEAR VIDEO FOOTAGE Of A Yeti Sighting In Russia

Whether you’re a believer or not, this is absolutely the best video footage of a Sasquatch/Yeti in existence, with the exception of the Roger Patterson film released in 1967. Several publications, from the Huffington Post, to the Daily Mail have picked this footage up and written articles about it, so