07 Oct 2015

Back Attack Pack – Instructional Video (Backpack Bear Spray Holster)

The Back Attack Pack – How To Video This Video demonstrates the proper way to set up and install a UDAP bear spray into the Back Attack Pack product. It also shows how to attach the Back Attack Pack to your backpack.   Like and Share

22 Sep 2015

Bear Sprayed with UDAP Pepper Power Bear Deterrent

BearmanMT – Real black bear being sprayed with UDAP Pepper Power bear spray.

03 Sep 2015

Think Bear Spray Does Not Work?

How do you like bear spray now?  

26 Jun 2015

Bear Spray vs Pepper Spray: What’s the Difference?

H/t to Self-defenseNinja Pepper Spray: An effective self defense against humans Pepper spray is chemical, non-lethal, self defense weapons available for civilian use. The active ingredient in pepper spray is oleoresin capsicum — the same chemical in chili peppers that gives them their sting and irritating effects. When pepper spray is sprayed on the eyes