08 Feb 2018

Watch As A Marine 50 Cal Gunner Engages Taliban Positions During Ambush In The Sangin Valley

This was filmed in the Sangin Valley during Feb/March of 2011 by Marine Reservists out of Texas supporting 2nd Recon and 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. They Had only been in country for only a few weeks at the time of filming.   Sangin is a town in Helmand province of

17 May 2017

The Taliban Thought They Were Safely Hidden When They Started Shooting At Americans…They Thought WRONG

Cowardly Taliban scum thought they were safely hidden in the hills when they started shooting at American forces. After one shot from the enemy, the Americans quickly surmised their position and started returning fire. And it didn’t end there, after placing some automatic fire from an M2 mounted on a

24 Apr 2017

Marines In Firefight Against Taliban Terrorists…Take Notes You Little ANTIFA Snowflakes THIS Is What A REAL FIGHT Looks Like

If anyone from a foreign country (or even THIS country for that matter), were to say anything even remotely disrespectful about or troops, they’d get a throat-punch before they finished their sentence. American fighting men and women are some of the bravest people residing on this planet and deserve our

21 Apr 2017

Canadian Sniper Rob Furlong Makes Kill Shot At A Distance Of 1.5 Miles

I always considered myself to be a crack shot, when qualifying with my M-16 during basic training at Fort Ord, California in 1975, I easily qualified “Expert”. With that said, I must take my hat off to Mr. Furlong. His kill shot at a distance of 1.5 miles, not only

20 Apr 2017

Visiting The Gun Markets Of Pakistan [Video]

Journalist Suroosh Alvi, takes us on a tour of the gun markets of  Pakistan. And after watching the video, I came to the distinct conclusion, that these folks make the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s look like a bunch of anti-gun, tree-hugging liberals. If you have the money, you can buy anything you

29 Mar 2017

Watch As Soldiers Of The 101st Airborne Fight Taliban Scum In Afghanistan

The 101st Airborne Division has a proud history of taking the fight to the enemy, from it’s initial creation in 1918, all the way up to the present day. From parachuting behind enemy lines on D-Day, June 6th, 1944, Operation Market Garden in Holland, to fighting in the Battle of the

13 Feb 2017

British Sniper Takes-Out 6 Afghanistan Insurgents With Single Shot

Yes, you read the title correctly, a British sniper killed 6 bad guys with one bullet .It almost seems impossible to believe that a single shot from a lone British sniper could take-out 6 insurgents, but it did happen.  No, they weren’t all lined-up one behind the other, they were

31 Jan 2017

USMC Sniper Engages Taliban With Barrett M107 .50 Cal Rifle

These young men of the USMC 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, are some of the fiercest fighters in the world and I salute each and every one of them. We owe these young men a debt that we can’t possibly repay. Being a Veteran myself, I see these young men at my

05 Oct 2016

Once lauded as a peacemaker, Obama’s tenure fraught with war

WASHINGTON (AP) — Seven years ago this week, when a young American president learned he’d been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize barely nine months into his first term — arguably before he’d made any peace — a somewhat embarrassed Barack Obama asked his aides to write an acceptance speech that

27 Sep 2016

Missing Afghans Raise Terrorism Fears

Several Afghan nationals undergoing military training in the United States disappeared from U.S. military bases this month, according to Pentagon and Homeland Security officials. “During the month of September, seven Afghan students were considered absent without leave (AWOL) during international military student programs,” Pentagon spokesman Cmdr. Patrick L. Evans said.