24 Apr 2017

Just How Strong Is Titanium Really…Watch The ‘.50 Caliber Test’ & See For Yourself

I’m sure this is a question that comes-up every now and then- just how strong is titanium and can it withstand a direct hit from a .50 caliber round and just what kind of damage will it do ? What is Titanium and where does it from…here is what Wikipedia

21 Apr 2017

Canadian Sniper Rob Furlong Makes Kill Shot At A Distance Of 1.5 Miles

I always considered myself to be a crack shot, when qualifying with my M-16 during basic training at Fort Ord, California in 1975, I easily qualified “Expert”. With that said, I must take my hat off to Mr. Furlong. His kill shot at a distance of 1.5 miles, not only

17 Apr 2017

FACT OR FICTION: Can A ‘Near Miss’ From A .50 Caliber Still Kill You…Let’s Find Out

There seems to be some chatter out on the web regarding a .50 caliber round and what kind of damage it can do merely passing by a person. Some are convinced that a .50 cal round can possibly wound and even kill someone if the bullet passes too close by

02 Feb 2017

Going Full Auto With The Alexander Arms 50 Beowulf

When going full auto with the Alexander Arms 50 Beowulf, you might want to have a wall at your back, because you’ll need something steady to lean on.  After serving in the United States Army for more than half a decade, I have pretty much (at that time 42 years