25 Jul 2018

If You Happen To See Any Of These Creatures…Turn Around & Run REAL Fast To Get Help

Now, normally I wouldn’t recommend you running away from a large apex predator, like a lion, or grizzly bear, they’re much bigger and faster than a human and can tear you to pieces and eat you. Thankfully, none of those large predators are mentioned in this article, or, in the video

26 May 2018

These Are The Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals In The World

There are some animals out there in the great big wide wonderful world that are truly beautiful to look at and yet… there are some, that will just as soon take your head off.  If you listen to the average tree-hugger, even those dangerous animals out there have more “rights”

05 May 2018

These Animals Are Fearless…Watch As A Couple Of Honey Badgers Take On 6 Lions

You have to hand it to the Honey Badger, these animals don’t take crap from anyone, or anything, no matter what his opponent’s size is. They’re not just fearless, but it seems that they also have a very short fuse, which adds to their fearsome reputation. living in places on

04 May 2018

These Are The Most Aggressive Animals On The Planet

We’ve all heard stories of animal attacks on humans and given to the fact that some of these stories were merely fiction, the video contained in this article is going to give you the straight facts. While some animals shun humans, there are others that won’t hesitate to try and

02 May 2018

[Viewer Discretion Advised] A Savage Fight To The Death…Rival Male Lions Battle For Territory

As you can clearly see in the title of this article, I recommended ‘viewer discretion’ , this was done because the video contained in this article shows the dark side of lions and their behavior. In the video below, you will see male lions battle each other for supremacy of a

22 Apr 2018

[Shocking Video] If Chimpanzees Do Attack You They Will Severely Maim Or KILL YOU If They Can

When most people think of Chimpanzees , they seem to be of the opinion that since these animals so closely resemble humans, that we almost equate that their behavior will be human-like. And while that may be true to some extent, we must always remember…that no matter how much we want

18 Apr 2018

Defending His Pride A Male Lion Savagely Kills A Spotted Hyena Matriarch & Rips It To Pieces

Lions vs Hyenas….it’s a blood feud that goes back tens of thousands of years…and probably even more than that. The bad blood between lions and hyenas (especially ‘spotted’ hyenas) runs deep, and is one of the most celebrated rivalries in nature. Their bloody and gory competition over carcasses on the African

04 Apr 2018

[Graphic Content] Amazing Video Shows Lion Attacks & Kills

The video below regarding lions, is truly one of the most exciting I’ve seen in a long time. In it, you’ll see just how fierce and powerful these animals are. The clip below, features some of the most amazing Lion attack moments, including Lions vs Crocodiles, Lion vs Zebra, Lion vs

24 Mar 2018

[Not For Sensitive Viewers] The Warthog Never Heard (or saw) The Lions Coming

*WARNING* The video in this article depicts predators hunting then killing prey, if you are of a sensitive nature, then do not watch. Some safari goers in Africa sure got their monies-worth and got an eye full on this particular trip. A warthog had no chance, when the pride of lions came

20 Mar 2018

While On Safari Shocking Video Shows Leopard Grab Guides Arm

The incident occurred Kruger National Park as the guide drove an open safari vehicle past some leopards. One of the leopards was just 2 meters away when the six to eight people in the vehicle lost sight of it. The leopard had gone around to the driver’s side and jumped at