22 Nov 2017

Here Are The Top 10 Best Shots Of Alaskan Brown Bear Hunts

It takes a certain type of man to go out into the Alaskan wilderness and hunt a bear that out-weighs him by 800 to 1000 pounds. If your first shot isn’t true, you’ll just piss the animal off and he’ll charge you and turn you into a grease spot. I

14 Oct 2017

Watch As A Charging Bear Gets Shot To Death By Scared Hunters In A Dramatic Video

Seeing a large bear come of nowhere charging right at you is something no hunter wants to see. If you are out in the woods camping and un-armed, chances are, you won’t survive the encounter. But the bigger question would be- why would a bear come charging at you in

08 Oct 2017

A Wolfpack Tears Moose Calf To Pieces As It’s Mother Tries In Vain To Stop Them

If you are a lover of wild animals (especially prey animals), then this video definitely isn’t for you. “Real life” in the wilderness isn’t fair, not by a long shot. There are winners and their are losers and in nature, only the strong survive. Now matter how much we hope

03 Oct 2017

Lone Lioness Attempts To Bring Down Hippo…BIG MISTAKE

The big question for me, is why on earth would a lone lioness attempt something like this in the first place? Usually, lions work as a team and all of the adults in the pride coordinate their attacks, so when I see something like this I have to wonder what

05 Sep 2017

Near Fatal Wild Animal Encounters…Don’t Be This Stupid

No matter how many times I say it, there are always going to be stupid people that put themselves in harm’s way around wild animals. While getting close to a wild animal might make for a great vacation photo, you have to remember….these are wild beasts that don’t grasp the

31 Aug 2017

Not For The Faint of Heart…This Graphic Video illustrates Why Lions Are Truly Apex Predators

Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that lions are truly gifted and horrifically ferocious killers. Basically, if a lion can sink it’s claws into something…chances are that particular animal is on the lion’s menu. Now, lions have been known to kill other predators, like Cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, wild

25 Aug 2017

This Will Melt Your Heart….Man Frees Tiny Fox Cub’s Head From Tin Can & Made A Friend For Life

If you every had doubts about mankind and his relationship with nature, the video below will give you renued hope. At first, the man sees something in his backyard, unsure at first as to what it is, then he takes-out his smartphone, starts recording walking into the far corner of

25 Jul 2017

Here Are 15 Amazon River Monsters That Might Make You Change Your Vacation Plans To South America

In the Amazon River, there are a multitude of creatures that can either harm you, kill you and yes…even EAT you. I chose the video below for several reasons, one would be, that even though most civilized countries are doing their best to help animals with conservation, my biggest worry

18 Jul 2017

Trying To Do His Good Deed For A Fox Caught In A Trap…This Man Finds-Out ‘They Do Bite’ (Ouch)

Unless you’re some kind of caveman, who wouldn’t have the compassion to set free an animal that was caught in a trap (especially the WRONG animal)? Well, the guy in the video below, came upon a little Grey Fox caught in his trap (he was trying to trap raccoon), so

17 Jul 2017

Folks On Safari Have The Fright Of Their Life When A Lion Opens Their Car Door…No Kidding !!

I have published several articles here about lions and folks on safari and what happens when you roll down your window, or get out of the car to get a better shot with a camera. Some people have been mauled and others have been killed. People just don’t seem to