12 Mar 2018

A Coyote Makes Short Work Of A Cat In The Middle Of Hollywood In Broad Daylight

The more people move into outlining areas (i.e. the woods , hills and mountains), we encroach into the natural habitat of wild animals. But this particular case is something I’ll bet no one was expecting. What is a coyote doing walking around in broad daylight right smack-dab in the middle

23 Sep 2017

Don’t Watch This Video If You’re Squeamish: Mouse Fed To Monster Pet Tarantula

Whether it’s a snake, or a freakin’ huge spider the mouse is being fed to, everybody roots for the mouse. Me personally, I can’t stand mice, or rats, they are disease carrying little vermin and I personally don’t think that they’re ‘cute’, or ‘cuddly’.  I know, I sound like a

28 Aug 2017

Cci BIG 4 .357 Shotshell…Great To Use For Target Shooting Or Varmints

Anyone who has ever fired a rifle (especially a .22), or pistol, has heard of Cci, they’re known throughout the shooting sports industry for producing reliable ammunition that delivers exceptional performance shot after shot.These BIG 4 .357 shotshell loads work great as rat shot, snake shot and close range plinking.

25 Aug 2017

This Will Melt Your Heart….Man Frees Tiny Fox Cub’s Head From Tin Can & Made A Friend For Life

If you every had doubts about mankind and his relationship with nature, the video below will give you renued hope. At first, the man sees something in his backyard, unsure at first as to what it is, then he takes-out his smartphone, starts recording walking into the far corner of

18 Jul 2017

Trying To Do His Good Deed For A Fox Caught In A Trap…This Man Finds-Out ‘They Do Bite’ (Ouch)

Unless you’re some kind of caveman, who wouldn’t have the compassion to set free an animal that was caught in a trap (especially the WRONG animal)? Well, the guy in the video below, came upon a little Grey Fox caught in his trap (he was trying to trap raccoon), so

22 Jun 2017

Here Are Some Ground Squirrel Kill Shots Caught On Video

What boy at one time or another, hasn’t taken-out a squirrel with a well placed shot from either a .22 cal rifle , or a .177 cal pellet gun ? My Dad used to tell me that when he was a kid growing-up during the Great depression, that if he