15 Dec 2017

This Is Awesome… A HUGE Prairie Rattlesnake Captured In Lethbridge Canada

Canada would be the last place on the North American continent that someone would think of as “rattlesnake central” for the Prairie rattlesnake, but here’s something I’ll bet not too many people in the “lower 48” didn’t know about. The Crotalus viridis is a venomous pit viper species native to

11 Dec 2017

Here Are 10 Terrifying Creatures That Live After Death

One would think, that having one’s head severed from it’s body, that death would be instantaneous. At one time in history, decapitation was one of the preferred methods of execution. Although there are many ‘civilized’ countries that have stopped executing criminals with this method, it’s still performed by certain governments, terrorists and

10 Oct 2017

What Happens When A Black Mamba Bites A Lion….Look Here And See For Yourself

If there is one snake in the world that deserves is terrifying reputation- it’s the Black Mamba. The bite from this snake can kill just about anything and as you will see in the video below, a lioness become’s one of it’s victims. Even after the lion starts to feel

08 Oct 2017

The Leopard Thought Her Cub Was Safe While She Went Hunting…That’s When The Cold-Blooded Monster Struck

While there is an understanding when warm-blooded animals hunt and kill each other, there’s something almost “evil” when a reptile hunts, kills and eats a mammal.  We’d like to think, that because we’re both warm-blooded, that humans and other mammals share a common bond and to some extent, that might

03 Oct 2017

10 Horrifying Giant Snake Attacks On Humans Caught On Video

Animal attacks on human beings aren’t a rare occurrence, they happen all over planet, all of the time. Since human beings are mammals, when we are attacked by other mammals , be they lions, tigers, bears  & wolves, we’ve come to have a sort of an understanding that it’s nothing

24 Sep 2017

Now THAT’S GOTTA STING…A Large Snake Has Run In With A Porcupine And Instantly Regrets It

If I were that porcupine, I’m pretty sure that my last thought would have been; “If I’m going down, then I’m taking you with me”. And from what I can see in this video, I’m sure that the snake really regrets eating it. I don’t care who you are, from

23 Sep 2017

Domestic Cats Take On Snakes In A Fight To The Death…Who Wins…You’ll See

One might not think of common domestic cats as vicious predatory killers, but in truth…they are. Don’t let their size and the fact that they purr when you hold them fool you, the common domestic cat is an awesome predator, just like his bigger cousins. Domestic house cats are highly skilled

13 Sep 2017

Watch As Longtime Rattlesnake Hunter Tim Fitzer Catches & Bags A 6 Foot Rattlesnake

Now, we here at Survival Nation are not saying you should run-out and attempt something like this on your own, that is unless you’re an experienced snake wrangler.  If you do happen to come into contact with one of these reptiles while out in the bush, if you leave it

03 Sep 2017

A Fight To The Death: King Snake vs Centipede [VIDEO]

Now in a fight like this, it would be difficult to really care who the winner is. Since most people don’t like snakes, i’m pretty sure that not that many folks will root for the snake. On the other hand, the giant centipede is no slouch, these insects have been

03 Sep 2017

Viral Video Shows Villagers Trying To Protect Pregnant Cow From A Very Hungry Anaconda

Now before we even start, I want to make one thing abundantly clear- this video is NOT FAKE!! Even though anacondas are opportunistic feeders, this particular one literally tried to bite-off more than it could chew. While there are alot of “fake” videos and photos swirling around on the internet,