07 Dec 2017

My Personal Warning To The “Left-Wing”…If There Is A Civil War Tomorrow Or Even a Year From Now…You Will Lose

Anyone with a lick of common sense who is living in the continental United States can see, that the left-wing is completely out of control. Between all of the crap that is going on that goes against anything remotely sane, or conservative, anyone with an I.Q. Over 100, can see

12 Oct 2017

So Antifa Wants to Bring Down Our Government And Make The U.S. Communist Eh? (Well Here’s What We Think Of You)

The Communist group known as “Antifa” (Anti-Fascist) was planning something BIG for November 4th, it’s all over the internet. They have been stockpiling weapons of different types (guns, knives etc…) and supposedly, they’ll try to start a nation-wide communist revolution. To that I say…I wish they would. Because once they

01 Oct 2017

As A U.S. Army Veteran This Is My Take On The NFL & Our National Anthem

As a writer, I sit in my office at home in front of my computer and I try to think of what kind of articles I’m going to write for the day. I’ve had writer’s block for almost a week and no matter how hard I try, nothing comes to

18 Jul 2017

Dating A Woman Who’s Anti-Gun Be Like….[WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE]

I don’t care if she has the perfect body, is a closet nymphomaniac and loves to cook and do housework…. if she doesn’t like guns, doesn’t believe in the 2nd Amendment and hates the American flag…she’s gotta go !  Sadly, too many men do not find-out until it’s too late

08 Jul 2017

A Hilariously Awesome Video Of An Epic Rap Battle Between Gun Owner & Liberal

I hate to say this, but this silly video really does speak truthfully about the differences between gun owner’s and liberals. Being a gun owner and a veteran, you could say that my views on gun ownership are pretty traditional. I strongly believe, that the people’s right to keep and

05 Jun 2017

ISIS Is On The Rampage And The Democrats Are Helping Them….Maybe It’s Time We Send ISIS & The Democrats A Message Of Our Own

I realize this particular type of narrative isn’t very popular with so-called “liberals”, but I don’t give a rats-ass. But given the fact that ISIS is on the rampage in 2017, even during their so-called “Holy Days” of Ramadan and since liberal politicians across Europe, Canada and even some here

26 May 2017

To All Communist ANTIFA Snowflakes… Look Here & Pay Attention…You Might Actually Learn Something

Think about this for a minute, you slimy little bought-and-paid-for Communist shills out there who are protesting and destroying private property…the reason you live in a free country and CAN protest, is because somebody paid for your freedom to do so, with their life. You call yourself “Anti-fascist”, but in

24 May 2017

Moron Celeb Katy Perry Weighs-in On Manchester Islamic Terror Attack & Here’s What I think Of Her Stupid Crap !!

I am sick to death with mega-wealthy, idiot Hollywood celebrities like Katy Perry, telling the rest of us what we should do regarding radical Islamic terrorists. These morons don’t live in the real world, they live in a cultural vacuum, surrounded by idiotic little liberal sycophants, who only want to

11 Feb 2017

The Greatest Generation…Do We deserve Their Sacrifice ?

When I watch the news these days, all I see, are college kids protesting, rioting and in general, causing mayhem and I wonder….did the “Greatest Generation” sacrifice too much ? The video below asks that very question, in it, a former US Navy SEAL, Dom Raso, talks about the horrific