18 Dec 2017

The Ripsaw EV2 Is INSANE And The Video Here Speaks For Itself !!

Have you ever wanted to fly without being in an airplane….well, with the Ripsaw EV2 it’s possible !! Ripsaw (Extreme Vehicles) are one of the world’s most sought after high performance, luxury vehicles.  Originally designed and built for the military as a light weight, go fast super tank, its base platform the

26 Aug 2017

Go RV’ng Like A Boss With The CAMI Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach

The Terra Wind is a first class motor coach that is as comfortable on the lake as it is on the land with a highway speed of up to 80 mph and up to 7 knots on the water. The padded leather dash resembles an aircraft’s cockpit with its many

18 Jul 2017

[VIDEO] Here’s An 8 Wheeled Truck That Can Go Anywhere You Want It To

I like to go off-road as much as anybody I know and even though I own a 2015 Ford F-150 4×4, I feel pretty comfortable that it will go most places I want (within reason of course). But what if you wanted to take it up a couple of notches?

16 Jul 2017

Want To ‘Bug-Out’ Or Go Anywhere On The Planet….Then Here Are 4 Amazing All Terrain Vehicles You Just Have To See

In the video below are 4 amazing amphibious and all-terrain vehicles that you just have to see. When I first saw these vehicles I was absolutely amazed, I thought I’d seen it all, boy-oh-boy, was I mistaken. I’m dedicating this article to all of you preppers and survivalists out there,

07 Jul 2017

Here’s The Ultimate ‘Bug-Out’ Machine: ARGO BIGFOOT 6X6

If you are looking for a way to get out in the bush and have an adventure, then the folks at ARGO ADVENTURE can help you get there with the many off-road, all terrain vehicles in their inventory. The ARGO BIGFOOT (see video below) is powered by a Briggs and

23 Jun 2017

Thinking About A Relaxing Vacation…Here Are 5 Places You DON’T Want To Visit

Everybody loves to take a relaxing, care-free vacation at least once a year, it’s something we do after working like a dog for eleven and a half months during the rest of the year. Now, normally, we go to places that we would think are fun, but the locations spot-lighted

19 Jun 2017

WOW….Playing In The Mud At The TCR Mudfest In Lake Wales Florida

Have you ever played in the mud?  I mean…what grown-up didn’t play in the mud when they were a little kid ? What if I told you there was a place to go, where you can play in the mud to your little hearts content, would you do it? With

25 May 2017

When You Want To Go Anywhere In The World On Or Off-Road The FUSO EARTHCRUISER 4X4 CAMPER Will Take You There

When you want to go off-road and have a real adventure, then the FUSO EARTHCRUISER 4X4 CAMPER EXP is what you need to get there in. While looking for off-road videos, I came upon this one, needless to say I was completely smitten !!  This vehicle will be my next purchase

19 Apr 2017

The BRUDER EXP-6: Go Anywhere On Any Kind Of Terrain In Style & Comfort

This is something I found while looking for a good trailer to buy, the BRUDER EXP-6 seems to be one of those “go-anywhere do-anything” type rigs. If you like to travel to out-of-the-way spaces, then this rig might just be what you are looking for. Even though they are made in