22 Dec 2017

Good Samaritan Tries To Rescue Injured Deer On A Frozen River…Then He Saw The Animals Injuries

Every winter, we see dramatic rescues of both wild and domestic animals by both animal control , police and in some cases, even hunters. Some are trapped in frozen rivers/ponds, and some are even caught in traps. Now, nobody wants to see a poor animal suffer, that’s just human nature.

25 Sep 2017

Out In The Woods Picking Wild Mushrooms A Man Came Upon A Ural Owl…But The Story Doesn’t End There

One would think that the owl in the video below was just a gentle woodland creature that allowed a strange man to show it some affection. But that’s not the whole story. While out in the woods picking wild mushrooms, a man came upon a wild Ural owl on the

15 Aug 2017

Alligators vs Rattlesnakes…Both Are Predators & Prey

The video below was filmed in Florida, surrounded by water on three sides and home to the Everglades, Florida is blessed with an impressive array of fish and wildlife. The state boasts more than 700 terrestrial animals, more than 200 freshwater fish and more than 1,000 marine fish. Snakes, sharks

09 Aug 2017

Watch As This Man Demonstrates How To Properly Kill A Rattlesnake

Before you start watching the video, let me set the record straight about a couple of things first. We here at Survival Nation DO NOT recommend that you attempt something like this at all. Unless you have experience in dealing with venomous snakes, no amateur should ever attempt to grab,

16 Jul 2017

Before You Decide To Put On A Bathing Suit & Dive In…Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Lakes & Rivers In The World

Lakes and rivers are an important part of the world’s ecosystem, they provide us with not only drinking water, but also provide us with a natural highway on which we can travel. Not only that, but these bodies of water provide us with fish to eat. The world is 70

23 Jun 2017

Thinking About A Relaxing Vacation…Here Are 5 Places You DON’T Want To Visit

Everybody loves to take a relaxing, care-free vacation at least once a year, it’s something we do after working like a dog for eleven and a half months during the rest of the year. Now, normally, we go to places that we would think are fun, but the locations spot-lighted

14 Jun 2017

[WARNING SHOCKING IMAGES] African Wild Dog Disembowels Impala While It’s Still Alive

If you listen to your average run-o-th-mill tree-hugger, nature is a beautiful place where all of the animals love each other and nothing bad ever happens. Well I’m here to tell you that’s just a big load of horse dung !! Nature is more often than not, a cruel and

09 Jun 2017

Watch As Two Lions Savagely Kill Cape Buffalo Only A Few Meters Away From Tourists

When it comes to being absolutely awesome predators, lions have to be one of nature’s all time best. Mother nature gave these creatures speed, size and power and as you’ll see in the video below, they aren’t afraid to use those gifts. Safari-goers in Kruger National Park are almost assured

03 Jun 2017

The Film That Started A World Wide Phenomenon: The Original Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film Of 1967

Whether you’re a believer or not, this is absolutely the single best video/film evidence of a Sasquatch/Yeti in existence; it is of course, the Patterson-Gimlin film released in 1967. This particular film has been the subject of speculation and controversy since it’s release. It has been analyzed and studied for

03 Jun 2017


*WARNING*  The video that is contained within this article clearly shows 10 of the deadliest creatures known to man. If you have a weak stomach, then please click away and pass this particular article by, because once you have seen some of these creatures, you’ll never be able to UN-see