17 Oct 2017

Baltimore Police Release Bodycam Video Of Fatal Police Shooting Of Armed Robbery Suspect

I wonder, when will the hate-group known as “Black Lives Matter” plan their protest regarding this ? Even though the video clearly shows the suspect was armed, the weapon wasn’t loaded, so BLM can claim (like they always do) that this was just another act of genocide by the police.

11 Jul 2017

Public Finally Allowed to See Video Of Deadly Officer Involved Shooting In Charlotte North Carolina

** (Disclaimer: Video posted strictly for educational and information purposes only) ** In the video below, we see CMPD Officer Brian Walsh, fatally shooting Iaroslav Mosiiuk. Iaroslav is a Russian immigrant who suffered from a mental illness of some sort. Although the shooting happened in March 2017, a judge just

23 Jun 2017

Here’s Bodycam Footage Of Police Fatally Shooting Man With His Own Gun

*The following video is graphic and unedited and viewer discretion is advised* This incident occurred in Roy City, Utah, in February 2017. It clearly depicts a suspect being shot by police in the line of duty. The content of the video below is graphic and may not be suitable for

19 Jun 2017

Here’s The Self Contained Wireless 12 Gauge Taser Round

I’m sure there will be some idiot on the left that claims that this constitutes ‘cruel and unusual punishment’, but think about it for a moment, what would you rather want to be, dead, or just tased? Technology marches on, now a police officer doesn’t have to get danger-close to

07 Jun 2017

[WARNING INTENSE VIDEO IMAGES] Police Bodycam Footage: Shooting Of Armed College Student On Campus

*WARNING* The content contained in this article shows intense police bodycam footage viewer discretion advised. According to kvia.com: NMSU police  identified the student shot by a police officer as 28-year-old Karsten Cuthair. Police said Cuthair was in stable condition at UMC in El Paso. Police also identified the campus police officer

26 May 2017

What To Do When You Are Stopped By The Police & You Carry A Concealed Firearm [Instructional Video]

Here is some good advice if you are a CCP holder and you are ever pulled-over by the police for a traffic stop. One thing you should do when the officer asks for your drivers license, registration and proof of insurance, is hand-over the required documents and also include your

20 May 2017

Suspect Pulls AR-15 On Police Officer…It Doesn’t End Well For The Suspect & It’s All Caught On Body Cam

During the 8 years of Barack Obama’s presidency, the narrative of homicidal racist cops was all over the news. Every time we turned-on the television, all we seemed to hear, was that another “innocent” suspect was brutally “gunned-down” by another blood-thirsty police officer. Well those days of politically-correct nonsense are

16 May 2017

Compilation Of Police Body Cam Shootouts [WARNING MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL VIEWERS]

Police in the United States have a hard enough job as it is, they are not the terrible racist boogeymen that Barack Hussein Obama and the rest of the democrats in this country have made them out to be. Every single day across this country, in cities and towns just

14 Apr 2017

Shooting The AA-12 Full Auto Assault Shotgun

The Auto Assault-12 (AA-12), originally designed and known as the Atchisson Assault Shotgun, is a shotgun developed in 1972 by Maxwell Atchisson. There are some that would say that automatic fire from a rifle, or a shotgun is merely a waste of good ammunition…I disagree The most prominent feature of

09 Apr 2017

“Cop Killer” Shooting Captured On Bodycam [WARNING GRAPHIC ADULT LANGUAGE & VIOLENCE]

A cop killer met a violent & deserved end when he decided to go on a rampage and attempted to kill as many police officers as he could. I must warn you- that the footage below is highly graphic in content and if you have any children in your home, do