23 Jan 2018

Invasive Species: The Snakehead In America

It’s bad enough when some idiot releases non-native reptile species loose in places like Florida, but now we are under attack to the north, with the invasion of the snakesheads. Snakeheads became a national news topic in the United States because of the appearance of Channa argus, commonly known as ‘northern

15 Jun 2017

What Would You Do If You Found A Burmese Python Eating Your Family Pet…Here’s What One Florida Man Did

What would you do if you went out into your backyard and saw that a very large Burmese python had not only killed your family pet, but was also in the process of starting to eat it ? Well, one Florida man came upon that exact scenario, he found a

28 Apr 2017

OH MY GOSH…These Snakes Are Tricky…Even For The Pro’s

This video was produced by an outfit called “PrehistoricPets.com” and for all practical purposes, they supply exotic pets (i.e. snakes lizards etc..) to people across the country. While having an exotic pet may seem like a good idea at the time, what sometimes happens when folks get tired of having

24 Apr 2017

Swimming With A Barracuda As It Devours A Lionfish

This video of a barracuda snagging a lionfish was taken off Glover’s Reef , in Belize. Now, since lionfish are not native to the Atlantic, Caribbean, or the gulf of Mexico, this presents quite  problem as they are an invasive species. Lionfish are native to the Indo-Pacific, but are now

21 Apr 2017

A Real Fight To The Death In The Florida Everglades Caught On Video: Alligator vs Burmese Python

Not all that long ago, the alligator was the apex predator in the Florida Everglades. With the introduction of an invasive species like the Burmese Python….now the alligator has some serious competition , not only for food, but when these two predators meet, only one will come out on top. Burmese

01 Apr 2017

Caught On Video Reptilian Invasive Species In Florida: The Tegu

Tegus are an invasive species which reproduces quickly and eats a wide variety of food items, including small animals and eggs of many wildlife species. Tegus are now known to have breeding populations in Miami-Dade and Hillsborough counties. It is believed the populations were founded by escaped or released pets.