Civil unrest
20 Dec 2016

The Prepper’s Civil Unrest Checklist

Civil unrest used to be something we read about online, happening in distant countries like Egypt or Brazil.

Rules of Engagement
10 Dec 2016

Rules of engagement in a post SHTF world?

Hello, my friend and welcome back! I was recently asked this by a fellow Prepper and I was taken back a little by it, I must admit. There seems to be a misunderstanding about what exactly “Rules of Engagement “ means and that is the subject of today’s post, so grab a cup of coffee, my friend and have a seat while we visit.

school shootings
07 Dec 2016

How to Keep Your Students Safe in an Era of Random Violence

An uptick in violence has taken place in the United States in recent years. With over 10 incidents of school shootings in 2016 so far and additional incidents expected before the end of the year, it’s more important than ever that school staff prepare themselves for these and other so-called “random” acts of violence.

Faraday cage
06 Dec 2016

Build A Faraday Cage to Survive EMP

It’s common knowledge that a Faraday cage is the safest way to shield their contents from electromagnetic energy.

backup plan
03 Dec 2016

You better have a plan “B” when it all falls apart or you may not survive!

Having a plan is good, but having a backup plan is critical! Most of us know from our everyday life that things seldom go as planned and that will also be even truer when the world falls apart.

03 Dec 2016

Prepper Rules-Of-Three

Preparing and Survival for the most part may be broken down into “Time-Lines”. These concepts have been written about in many articles and seemingly are explained very simply.

survival packing list
01 Dec 2016

Survival Packing List: Planning Your Ultimate Escape

In today’s modern world, it pays dividends to be prepared for all possible emergencies.

situational awareness
28 Nov 2016

Situational Awareness For Survival And Everyday Life

Various hazards are encountered by us on a daily basis whether we acknowledge them fully or not. Some hazards are more obvious than others.

27 Nov 2016

10 Things You Can Do to Prep in 30 Minutes or Less

There are times when we get so busy that we set aside our prepping for another day. From my perspective, that is perfectly okay.

forest fires
26 Nov 2016

Preparing For And Protecting You Home And Or Retreat From Forest Fire

I had another post in mind to submit to you folks but forest fires are a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I’ve recently become aware of the fires burning in various areas particularly in the Southeastern United States.