04 Jun 2017

Emergency Drinking Water Disinfection Procedures – U.S. Army

Just the Facts… Emergency Drinking Water Disinfection Procedures U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine – Readiness thru Health 31-008-1004 The PDF can be downloaded here. It is recommended that it be printed and stored for later use. Home/Individual Emergency Disinfection Procedures • Boiling. Vigorous boiling for one

04 Jun 2017

20+ Survival Uses of Baking Soda

H/t to Happy Preppers Learn the many uses Preppers have for baking soda Slug it, throw it, sprinkle it, put some on a toothbrush: baking soda has a multitude of uses, but we’ve narrowed the list down to the uses most appreciated by preppers. In the back corner of your

26 Feb 2017

Watch As An Eel Wriggles On Grill As It’s Being Cooked

Watch as this eel wriggles like it’s alive when put on the grill, it’s quite disgusting. But before anyone gets their panties all in a bunch, it’s quite dead, I can assure you, it’s been skinned and it has no head. Apparently, in Seoul Korea this is the dish of the

water systems
16 Dec 2016

Corpus Christi, Texas Residents warned not to use Water after Back-flow Incident Contaminates City Water

Over 320,000 residents in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas have been told not to use their tap water after two “unknown chemicals” made their way into the city’s water systems.

21 Nov 2016

Water Test Strips

Being able to test water is important. Being able to boil water only kills bacteria, it does nothing for chemical impurities. This means you need to be able to test for them.

15 Nov 2016

10 Diseases That Will Become Far More Common After The Collapse

Diseases come and diseases go…rather like fashions, but with diseases it’s the general conditions prevailing at the time that denotes what gets a foothold and what doesn’t.

13 Nov 2016

Survival Pharmacy: 9 Uses of Ginger For Your Health

Ginger has been used for centuries for medicinal and culinary purposes. Though we don’t use it commonly in much American cooking, you’re likely familiar with pickled ginger when you eat sushi and it’s also becoming a popular dried and candied product.

12 Nov 2016

Self Reliant Living #022 – Interview With Greg Peterson

Greg Peterson is the founder of the Urban Farm and Urban Farm U and is a green living and sustainability innovator, who is well known regionally as a resident of Phoenix for the last 48 years. Greg is well versed in urban sustainability and food production in dry lands.

06 Nov 2016

Election Chaos Fears Have Preppers Stockpiling Survival Food

In case of an election night Doomsday, preppers are running up sales of emergency survival food.

18 Oct 2016

A stressful job could actually be good for your health, experts say

A stressful job could actually be good for your health, a new study has found. Experts say workers in stressful jobs are a third less likely to die than those with easier roles – but only if the worker is in control of their own workflow. Researchers tracked thousands of workers