31 May 2017

Holy Crap…Here Are 10 Really SHOCKING Fishing Moments All Caught On Camera &They Are Doozies !!

Here are ten really crazy cases, of the most interesting and toughest moments from fishing and fishing fails. For example, the bursting stomach of a beached whale and an angry octopus, along with different fishing fails during the winter on ice and even some underwater fishing, from extreme river rapids

22 May 2017

Here Are The Top 5 Northern Pike Attacks Caught On Video

The Northern Pike is an extremely aggressive fish and to prove that point, in the video below, there are 5 examples of just how aggressive this species of fish can be. Since the Northern Pike have a set of very sharp needle-like teeth, once they grab a hold of something,

17 May 2017

Great White Shark Called ‘Deep Blue’ Is Believed To Be The Biggest Ever Caught On Film [Photos & Video]

Interestingly, this female great white shark was filmed off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico in 2013. Named “Deep Blue”, she is believed to be the biggest great white shark ever caught on video. “Deep Blue” is believed to be 20 long and over 50 years old. This mammoth shark was originally

12 May 2017

Fishing For Dinosaurs…The Alligator Gar A Real Honest To Goodness ‘River Monster’

Unless you’ve never lived in the southern part of the United States of America, chances are you’ve never come into close proximity with the Alligator Gar. The Alligator Gar is a fish that derives it’s name from the reptile it resembles…the American alligator. In the video below, we’ll show you

21 Apr 2017

WHAT A BUMMER…Fisherman Tries To Land 450 Pound Marlin & A Shark Steals It Off The Line [VIDEO]

This has to be a heart-breaker. It costs a lot of money to go fishing for Marlin and a real prize is a 400 plus pounder, but when a shark steals it off the line, it almost makes you want to cry. The video below was uploaded onto YouTube back

05 Apr 2017

Caught On Camera: Shocking & Horrifying Moments While Fishing

These clips in the video below are not “stranger hiding under the bed”, or “maniac ax murderer” horrifying; they are horrifying in the sense that they are shocking events, things that most people would not expect, when out for a leisurely day of fishing. Like you’re about to see, these are the

27 Mar 2017

On The Hunt For Big & Deadly Electric Eels…Real ‘Amazon River Monsters’

Electric eels, as it turns out are not actually eels, they come from the knife fish family. They are closer to Carp and catfish than they are true eels… They are air breathers that like to inhabit the swamps and creeks around here. And that’s where these guys start their

23 Mar 2017

Classic Fishing Fail…Shark Almost Pulls Blonde Girl Overboard

Darcizzle (aka Darcie), almost gets pulled overboard while shark fishing in Florida, at the Everglades National Park, in what could be said was a classic fishing fail. But if you aren’t familiar with Darcizzle, I will place some info about her from her bio posted on her website. But first, watch

23 Mar 2017

If You Like Shrimp Check This Out: The Top 5 BIGGEST Shrimp Ever Caught

If you are a shrimp lover, then this is one article (and video) that you should not pass up, these are the top 5 biggest shrimp ever caught. But before you watch the video, here’s some facts about these critters you may find interesting. Courtesy of Wikipedia: The term shrimp

22 Mar 2017

Watch As A Dead Piranha Almost Takes This Guy’s Finger Off…I’ll Bet He Won’t Do That Again

Tim Wells is no stranger to the outdoors, he has done several hunting and fishing videos and posted them to his YouTube channel and on Facebook. For a guy that does this sort of thing for a living, he sure seems to take a lot of chances and is rather