01 Jan 2018

While Surf Fishing Guy Gets A Chunk Taken Out His Hand By The Worst Thing That Can Bite You

Before we get into this, just let me first say…no…it wasn’t a shark. Since this was obviously filmed on the east coast, I’m not too familiar with the fish he caught. So I did some research and learned a couple of things about this particular fish and what I found,

12 Oct 2017

This Looks Like Alot Of Fun: Flats Fishing In Florida

Since I live in the Pacific Northwest and have only briefly visited Florida when I was in the Army over 40 years ago, I’ve never heard, or known about “Fishing the Flats”. So, I did some digging and from all of the material & videos I’ve seen, it looks like

23 Sep 2017

[Warning] This Graphic Video Of Piranhas Feeding Is Like Something Right Out Of The Addams Family

For those of you who are old enough to remember the old television show “The Addams Family”, one of the best scenes (for me at least), was Morticia Addams feeding her pet piranha fish. Of course, you never actually SAW the piranhas, only the bubbling water in the tank when