24 Jul 2018

Watch As Our Old Buddy Hickok45 Shows Us How NOT To Shoot A Submachine Gun

Yes, our old buddy Hickok45 is back and in a surprising twist (with a much shorter video), explains how not to handle & fire a submachine gun. Now I’m sure there alot of armchair Rambo’s out there that will say that this is either wrong, or just plain dumb, but

10 Dec 2017

Are You A Beginning Pistol Shooter…Well Here’s How You Can Become An Expert

I took my youngest son out shooting recently and since he has never fired a pistol before, I tried to give him some tips on how to hit the target. Since I’ve been handling rifles and pistols for the last 47 years, I’d like to think that I knew what

07 Oct 2017

This Is Just Too Darn Funny: The 7 Types of People At The Gun Range [Video]

While being a shooter myself, I’m sure that I’ve seen some of the types of people mentioned in the video below. But, to tell you the truth, the last time I was in an in-door gun range, was back  in the beginning of the 21st century. It’s not that I

15 Sep 2017

Epic Gun & Hunting Fails….Please Don’t Be This Stupid [Video]

Every now and then, I just have to publish an article that shows that firearms aren’t necessarily for everyone. We here at Survival Nation cannot stress enough that everyone who picks-up a firearm, must and should receive the proper training beforehand. Not knowing proper firearm safety can have deadly results,

15 Jul 2017

Here’s A Viral Video Of The ‘Biggest & Best’ GUN FAILS Of 2017

No matter how many of these ‘gun fail’ videos I watch, they just never get old. My only question is: How did any of these nitwits survive without blowing their heads off? Gun safety is no laughing matter and even though this video is meant to be comical, it should

09 Jul 2017

NO NO NO Stupid People Should NOT Have (or even shoot) Guns !!

I realize that these videos are supposed to be funny, but in some of these instances, I blame the person who was supposed to have given these folks the proper training prior to them picking-up a gun. And yes, alot of the folks were just plain stupid and they were

29 Jun 2017

Yes Virginia….I’m Afraid That Stupid People Do Use Guns [VIDEO]

Here is another example of stupid people using guns. While accidents do happen no matter how careful one might be, in the video below, are several examples of people acting like idiots and fortunately for them, nobody got killed ‘accidentally’. I cannot stress enough, that when using firearms, you MUST

27 Jun 2017

When Visiting A Gun Store Don’t Be ‘That Guy’…Always Practice Gun Safety

When you visit your local gun store and especially if you carry a weapon, always remember to practice proper gun safety. Gun stores can be intimidating, especially for a ‘newbie’ (new gun owner). So every time you walk into a gun shop, or into a gun show, just like at