28 Aug 2017

Video Shows Hellfire Raining Down On Insurgents Planting IED’s

You reap what you sow and when you plant IED’s to kill people, when you get wiped-out by hellfire from above, it’s all good. I cannot count how many of our brave servicemen have been killed, or seriously wounded, by this type of explosive device. It is definitely a cowards

14 Jun 2017

R.Lee Ermey’s History Channel Show ‘Mail Call’ & These Are His SNAFU Extra Salty Bloopers [WARNING STRONG ADULT LANGUAGE]

First-off, I want to make a disclaimer- if you, or other’s in your household are offended by strong adult language, then this isn’t the video for you. Since this video isn’t censored and it’s called ‘SNAFU Bloopers’, Gunny R.Lee Ermey uses some pretty salty, harsh and rather strong adult language.

09 Jun 2017

Shooting At A Refrigerator Filled With Tannerite From Over 50 Yards Away…What Could Possibly Go Wrong ?

Alot of folks are using Tannerite these days since it’s perfectly legal to purchase and some people use it when they go shooting, to make some “cool” explosions for videos they’re making to post on YouTube, or Facebook. But like any explosive material, Tannerite can be very dangerous to use,

28 May 2017

YouTube Sensation Kyle Myers aka ‘FPS Russia’ Almost Gets Killed By Shrapnel In One Of His Videos

YouTuber, Kyle Myers aka “FPS Russia”, has produced several videos using many numerous different types of firearms. Let’s face it, his videos are very entertaining and definitely worth watching. I have published several articles here at Survival Nation using his videos. Kyle Myers even has his own page on Wikipedia: