09 Jun 2016

Gadgets in the outdoors: Connecting or disconnecting in nature?

We’re surrounded by technology indoors, and more and more, we’re taking it with us outdoors. We’re surrounded by technology indoors, and more and more, we’re taking it with us outdoors.  Global positioning systems, heart rate monitors, training apps, watches, music, smartphones — these days communing with nature is likely to

11 Sep 2015

Urban Survival Tips: How To Prevent Break Ins Through Your Garage Door!

Many thanks to JJ over at RealitySurvival for this fantastic compilation of tips and techniques. The RealitySurvival.com site and Youtube Channel are well-done and tied together, so please subscribe and make sure you do not miss out on more practical tips and updates. Enjoy! This Urban Survival Tip shows a couple

07 Sep 2015

Urban Self-reliance: Homestead In Oakland’s Small Rented Lot

Kirsten Dirksen – Sheila Cassani began farming her rental home while a college student. She started with a small vegetable patch, but it soon spread to keeping chickens and bees and planting produce on nearly every available patch of the small yard not dedicated to the poultry. Cassani and her partner Matthew

02 Sep 2015

The Big One Will Hit L.A. – Then What?

The Big Earthquake is considered inevitable but some say it does not have to be a disaster for cities like Los Angeles. What is being done to prepare for it? Video below:  CNN has more of the story… Los Angeles Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina reminded us that when it comes

31 Aug 2015

US Marine Shows How To Survive In An Urban Environment

Greek Prepper – Rudy Reyes, a Recon Marine demonstrates the skills needed to stay alive after Armageddon inside a city environment…

15 Jul 2015

Urban Survival Concepts

Urban areas sometimes “go berserk” during or after man-made or natural disasters. What should your urban survival priorities be? BlackScoutSurvival provides their answer to this question and more…

13 May 2015

Video | What Goes in a Get Home Bag?

This interesting scenario and explanation discusses the differences between a “Get Home Bag” and a “72-Hour Bag.” Are both necessary? I like the addition of comfort foods! Check out the gear at http://www.bladehq.com/.

13 Apr 2015

Video | Build Your Own Sub-Irrigated Planter Box

I have used this style of sub-irrigated planter for three years now with great success in my container gardens. Perfect for urban or apartment practicioners of survival.

11 Mar 2015

Today in History – Blizzard of 1888: How 1 Storm Changed New York City Forever

In March 1888, an unprecedented blizzard hit the northeast, dumping 20 to 60 inches of snow on an unprepared New York City. Drifts measured 30 and even 50 feet in some parts of the region. Not only was the storm momentous, resulting in around 200 deaths in New York City alone,

05 Feb 2015

A Meatloaf Oil Lamp

As a stay-at-home dad, occasionally I felt the need to reach beyond the realm of diapers and sippy-cups and remind myself of my ultimate survivability.  This night’s meatloaf project was my latest excursion into super-masculinity (my wife gave me a few strange looks!) 1. I started with the drippings from my