16 May 2017

Compilation Of Police Body Cam Shootouts [WARNING MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL VIEWERS]

Police in the United States have a hard enough job as it is, they are not the terrible racist boogeymen that Barack Hussein Obama and the rest of the democrats in this country have made them out to be. Every single day across this country, in cities and towns just

20 Apr 2017

This Is One Very Seriously Pissed-Off Doe…Watch What She Does To A Poor Dog

When we think of a Doe (a deer, a female deer), we think of a very delicate & quiet animal, who just wants to eat and quietly go about her life…well the Doe in the video below…isn’t like that at all. The doe in this video must’ve been born in

28 Feb 2017

The Poor Pup Never Stood A Chance When A Mountain Lion Catches Him Asleep

Yes this poor little pup never stood a chance against the mountain lion, thankfully he only suffered for a few seconds before the cougar killed it. If you are a dog lover, you might want to turn the sound off, because even though it’s only for a few seconds, his

06 Feb 2017

Take A Look At What Cops Deal With Everyday

Take a look and see for yourself at what cops have to deal with, every single day when they put on their uniform and go to work…not pretty…is it ?  During the entire presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, all we have heard coming from the White House, Al Sharpton ,

planned attacks
28 Dec 2016

Christmas Chaos: Mall Riots Across the U.S. in Planned Attacks

Large scale chaos, fights, and mini riots broke out in at least ten states in what looks to be planned attacks on American Malls. Fights broke out Monday at least fourteen different malls throughout the country, causing many of them to evacuate customers and close their doors at the height of one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

24 Nov 2016

Traffic Gridlock – Are You Prepared?

Los Angeles, Thanksgiving Getaway 2016. When I saw these traffic images of complete gridlock, and whenever I see or experience a nightmarish traffic situation, it affects me in a way that’s probably a bit different than others.

17 Jun 2016

Tiny houses gain popularity in Bay Area

Tired of watching their earnings evaporate every month to cover rent and other basics, Aaron Castle and his fiancee, Candace Anderson, made a decision to go tiny. They downsized their closets and got rid of many other possessions and today live in a 139-square-foot cedar shingle cottage on wheels that

09 Jun 2016

Little-known nature trail offers lesson in native trees, plants

When the Laura Bush library was established in 2009 atop the picturesque slopes of a canyon at the intersection of Bee Caves Road and Cuernavaca, its neighbor, TRI, donated a tract of land that was transformed by volunteers into the Madrone Canyon Nature Preserve. The preserve includes a bucolic nature

15 Oct 2015


EASY $3 STEEL TIP THROWING SPEARS! A dirt cheap alternative to the high-quality spears I’ve taught you how to make. Made of PVC and mild-steel lumber straps.  

14 Oct 2015

Winter Camping in a Hot Tent

Winter Camping in a Hot Tent I set up my hot tent up in advance of a snow forecast. I thought I was going to be disappointed by the forecast but as it turns out I got it all, Rain, Sleet, Freezing rani and Snow!! The tent did beautifully, handled