08 Oct 2015

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack Review – Best Multi-Tool Flashlight & Fire Starter Kit

In this NEW Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Tool Pack Review from ultimate survival tips talk about who this kit is for… and who should look for different survival gear. Nice!

07 Oct 2015

SUPER Shelter Completed

Survival Lilly Showing us what it takes to survive out in the woods alone.  -Yes her name is Lilly.   Like and Share.

06 Oct 2015

Bushcraft – Morning Hike In The Woods

As we transition into Autumn I thought i’d share my morning hike I do whenever time is available. Most times I just sit observe nature, write in my journal and at times do some carving, tbh most times it’s nice to just sit and do nothing. Hey Zed,   What is

05 Oct 2015

25 SHTF/ Survival Uses for WD-40

Sensible Prepper Presents: 25 SHTF/ Survival Uses for WD-40. Taking household items and improvising it’s uses to fit many needs. I love WD40 now more than ever!     Like and Share.

04 Oct 2015

Zodi Water Heater – Using your preps

I often get s asked, what are you preparing for? or Do you ever use your preps? I t doesnt have to be WROL or SHTF to use your preps. Beyond you food storage, having a buffer of supplies of your everyday goods and services can be a great help