25 Jan 2015

Environmental Checklists

The development of checklists as “cheating tools” or “training wheels” can be an effective means of furthering survival acumen. An opportunity to practice this approach is presented in the picture above, “Environment Checklists.” Examine the picture, with the intent of creating a checklist for four major survival needs: shelter, water,

23 Jan 2015

Canned Hormel Products for Long-term Storage

Many who are interested in survival utilize canned goods. They last a long time. They are easy to transport. In most cases they can be eaten cold. Have you considered the addition of canned Hormel products to your pantry? A look at the FAQ’s on the Hormel Foods Corporate site,

20 Jan 2015

Six maps you need for an urban evacuation

Let’s assume an urban disaster scenario, and you must leave quickly. How will you find your way? What maps do you need? We’re talking about the printed, paper in hand type. Don’t plan to rely on a GPS. They are as reliable as their batteries, and constant use could mean