17 May 2017

These Are 8 Of The DEADLIEST Creatures Of The Amazon

If you’re thinking of taking a vacation to the Amazon to “get away from it all”, you don’t know just how right you might be. While it might seem like it would be the vacation of a lifetime, there are critters down there , that given the chance, would put

08 May 2017

Watch As Man Eating Crocodile Is Hunted And Killed By Local Authorities

KOTA SAMARAHAN, MALAYSIA: Sarawak Forestry (SFC), in collaboration with the police, have killed a crocodile suspected to be the one that attacked and killed a local fisherman, in March of 2016. SFC Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) was deployed to the site immediately on being notified of the incident. The

27 Mar 2017

On The Hunt For Big & Deadly Electric Eels…Real ‘Amazon River Monsters’

Electric eels, as it turns out are not actually eels, they come from the knife fish family. They are closer to Carp and catfish than they are true eels… They are air breathers that like to inhabit the swamps and creeks around here. And that’s where these guys start their

26 Feb 2017

Villagers Cut Open Giant Anaconda Are Stunned After They See What Was Inside

Some local villagers stumbled upon a giant Anaconda and initially, they were apprehensive encountering the giant snake, until they realized that it was dead. Obviously, something the snake ate disagreed with it. And it’s last meal, was quite literally, it’s “last meal”. So they took their machetes and cut it

21 Feb 2017

Watch Ravenous Piranhas Make Short Work Of An Unlucky Bird

A poor unlucky young bird has learned the hard way, what it is that piranhas do for a living. This is what life is like in one of the most unforgiving and dangerous places on the planet. Mistakes are seldom made, but they’re only made once and nature is a

14 Oct 2015

Blowpipe Maker Shares Rare, Ancient Craft

Blowpipe Maker Shares Rare, Ancient Craft In “Balan the Blowpipe Maker,” filmmaker Ross Harrison introduces viewers to an indigenous Malaysian elder and craftsman. “Only a few elders of Borneo’s Penan tribe still know how to make their unique hunting tool, the blowpipe. Balan is the last person in his village

11 Oct 2015

Remote River Man – Jungle survival: water vines

In the Guyana jungle, Kevin Casey and a Makushi tribesman demonstrate one of the most crucial rainforest survival techniques – how to obtain pure drinking water from jungle vines. Then, of course, Kevin makes fun of Bear Grylls… Like and Share!

08 Oct 2015

10 Amazing Hiking Spots In Florida

Florida has some of the most beautiful state parks featuring some of the most amazing wildlife in the country. Take the time to disconnect from our hectic modern world and unwind in one of these places, and I promise you will not regret it. 1. Ocala National Forest Flickr/Phil’s 1stPix

30 Aug 2015

31st MEU Marines Learn Jungle Survival in the Philippines

US Military Videos & Photos – Marines with India Battery, Company G., Battalion Landing Team, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, learn jungle survival techniques from Philippine Marines during a training evolution of Amphibious Landing Exercise 2013. Soundbites from Lance Cpl. Julio Velasquez. Produced by Sgt. Paul Robbins Jr.

23 Jun 2015

Island Survival — How To Survive On A Desert Island

This well-done experiment, from Tom Mcelroy-Wild Survival, makes survival look challenging but manageable. With coconuts for water and almond trees for sustenance, the guys start off on the right foot. Don’t miss their unique bamboo A-frame shelter. This shelter was labor intensive but certainly worth it. Would this camping trip be