04 Mar 2017

Playing In The Sand Dunes Was Never So Much Fun: Watch As “Doonies” Shred Up A Storm

As a kid growing-up in southern California, playing in the sand was a given, but watching these guys and gals (aka “Doonies”) shred up a storm, is something completely different. This video comes to us courtesy of: Monster Energy and Dirt Shark’s. It’s the ultimate shred session in the sand dunes, featuring all

06 Feb 2017

Watch How IDF Soldiers Destroy A Tank With A Shoulder Fired Rocket

Watch and see how the fearless soldiers of the IDF destroy an oncoming tank with a hand-held shoulder fired rocket. Apparently this was an actual event that took place near some Israeli settlements. It was filmed by Israeli forces who fired a hand-held anti-tank missile into an on-coming tank. These

Area 51
07 Dec 2016

Area 51 Expanded – Satellite Photos Reveal

EVER since the 1950s, the US government’s Area 51 – located deep within the remote Nevada desert – has been the subject of intense conspiracy theories.

21 Jun 2016

A Meteorologist Explores Survival Skills and Climate Change as a ‘Heat Dome’ Sears the Southwest

On Monday, the first day of summer, it was hard not to focus on the scorching Southwest, where 110-degree-plus temperatures spilled far outside their typical geographic range for this time of year, in part thanks to an atmospheric feature called a “heat dome.” (Back in 2011, this phrase had an

14 Oct 2015

Camping Fail

Camping Fail Link tells the tale of his recent camping trip gone awry. GMM 438!

11 Oct 2015

Island Survival–How to survive on a desert island

Learn how to survive as we walk you through the steps we took on a week long primitive survival outing. I know its long, but its packed with cool skills. Skills shown are shelter, primitive coconut opening, gathering food, friction fire from Bamboo, basket weaving and traps, primitive spearfishing, rope

15 Jul 2015


Watch these self-proclaimed “average joes” from Can We Survive do when faced with the challenges of North America’s most dry climate in the Mojave desert. Do you approve of their decision-making?