26 May 2018

An Awesome Song By Buddy Brown: “Red Like Reagan”

While scrolling through Facebook this morning, I came across a Country Music video that a friend of mine posted (thanks Hal), so I clicked on it and boy, was I pleasantly pleased. So, I did some digging and found-out it was by a country music artist who goes by the

16 Apr 2018

This Is INSANE: If It Wasn’t Caught On Video…No One Would Believe It

There are many different incidents that happen to folks and when they try to tell the story about what happened….the usual response from most folks listening is-“Aw, you’re full of it man, that could never happen”. Well, in the video below, it shows some pretty unbelievable stuff and for once, it’s

25 Aug 2017

Great Video: “HILLBILLY THUNDERSTRUCK”…This Is How Rednecks Roll !!

A while back, I found this video on Facebook and then I did some digging to find-out more about it, what I found-out was simply amazing. The band is called “Steve’n’Seagulls” and they’re from Finland. Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden and Russia. Its capital, Helsinki, sits on a peninsula