15 Jan 2018

Watch As This Monster Rattlesnake Takes A Head-Shot From A Bow

I don’t care who you are, or where you come from, getting a head-shot with a bow on a snake is GOOD SHOOTING !! Rattlesnakes are species of venomous snakes generally called “pit vipers”. The Western Diamondback can exceed seven feet in length, and is the king of our twenty

15 Sep 2017

[Graphic Hunting Video] An Absolutely Amazing Bull Moose Kill With A Bow

*WARNING* The video in this article contains graphic images of hunting wild animals…sensitive viewers should refrain from watching.  This is a phenomenal moose hunt, the skill and deadly accuracy are simply amazing. The young man in this video is just a kid, but he really knows what he’s doing. And

17 Feb 2017

The Bow Mag 357 Magnum Exploding Arrow

The bow mag .357 magnum exploding arrow, must be the next step in archery, especially if your broadhead fails to bring down what you are shooting at. While I think this is really cool, for me it raises the question- If you wanted to use a bullet, why not just use