25 Jul 2018

Some Gun Mishaps & Misfires: Truth Is These People In The Video Are IDIOTS !!

If there is anything we here at Survival Nation can’t stress enough…it’s GUN SAFETY !! The video below clearly shows that not all people should pick-up, let alone, own a gun. Now, we are all about the 2nd Amendment, but when we see things that are shown in the video

20 Apr 2018

You Won’t Hear This From Anti-Gun Politicians Or The Media: The True History of “Assault Rifles”

Once again, Second Amendment supporters destroy the anti-gun groups and anti-gun politicians misinformation about what an “Assault Rifle” really is. These anti-gunner’s depend on the ignorance and fear that their lies and misinformation campaigns do to sway public opinion to their side. And even though we have proven that these

06 Jan 2018

Video Of 5 Anti-Gun Liberals Shooting Guns For The 1st Time

If you are like any of the people in this video and you are fervently ‘anti-gun’, nothing is going to change your opinion about firearms and that’s okay. But, before you make a judgment call on the 2nd Amendment…at the very least, go to a gun range and shoot a