Raining Dead Birds
01 Jan 2017

Mass Die Offs Continue As “Raining Dead Birds” Descend on New Jersey, Unexplained

Why Is It Raining Dead Birds in New Jersey? There’s a good question for you.

Amazon’s Echo
31 Dec 2016

Could your high-tech gadgets send you to jail?

Feel like no one ever really listens to you? Your gadgets do. That may not always be a good thing. Most recently, an Arkansas death investigation highlighted how the magic of Amazon’s Echo device — its ability to act on your voice commands — means it might have overheard conversations critical to a murder investigation.

Violent crime
31 Dec 2016

Violent crime in L.A. jumps for third straight year as police deal with gang, homeless issues

Violent crime increased in Los Angeles for the third straight year as police tried to stem a rash of homicides and gang-related shootings while dealing with a growing homeless population.

30 Dec 2016

Identifying and Treating Hypothermia

During this time of year a lot of people are affected by hypothermia and many of them have no idea what hypothermia really is or what its symptoms are. When people feel cold they power through as they think it’s normal and soon enough things get worse.

29 Dec 2016

Over two dozen earthquakes hit near Lake Tahoe within four hours and are felt in San Francisco and Las Vegas – adding to the nearly 700 tremors felt within California area in last week

Over two dozen earthquakes have been reported to hit the California-Nevada frontier early Wednesday morning, with tremors being felt as far north as Sacramento as well as San Francisco and Las Vegas.

28 Dec 2016

Series of earthquakes hits near California-Nevada state line

A series of earthquakes was reported early Wednesday morning near the Nevada-California state line, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

planned attacks
28 Dec 2016

Christmas Chaos: Mall Riots Across the U.S. in Planned Attacks

Large scale chaos, fights, and mini riots broke out in at least ten states in what looks to be planned attacks on American Malls. Fights broke out Monday at least fourteen different malls throughout the country, causing many of them to evacuate customers and close their doors at the height of one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

winter survival
26 Dec 2016

Prepping Guide for Winter Survival

Even the most prepared of families can fall on hard times when winter comes. Depending on where you live in the world, winter can mean extreme cold temperatures, harsh winter storms, and complete lack of food resources. This can add up to life-threatening situations, which is why prepping for winter should be at the top of everyone’s list. Here are some of the best tips to keep in mind for making the most of winter survival.

home defense system
25 Dec 2016

Early Warning Systems for Survival

When in a survival situation, intruders are always a major concern. This could be looters, military, or just kids looking to vandalize a house. Having a home defense system is important, but early detection is the key to protecting your home. Unfortunately, this applies to everyday life as well.

23 Dec 2016


EARTH is being blasted by a flare soaring from a hole in the sun’s atmosphere – and it’s bringing huge geomagnetic storms with it.