26 Sep 2015

Celox and Quikclot to Control Bleeding

DoomAndBloom – No matter what survival scenario you envision, few come without a real risk of major trauma, and with it, bleeding. One of the most important medical supplies to have on hand in times of trouble would be those items that can help you control hemorrhage. In studies of casualties

26 Jun 2015

Making Sewing Materials/Sutures From Agave | Dr Bones

Please enjoy this teaching video on how to make needles and suture/sewing material from agave plants. Agave is effective whether suturing an injury or sewing clothes.

09 Jun 2015

Blister Treatment / Survival Medicine By Nurse Amy

Blister care after a long hike! Survival Medicine from www.DoomandBloom.net – Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy show you how to care for a fresh, raw, new blister. Real life experience for your education. Medical supplies available at http://store.doomandbloom.net/.

08 Jun 2015

Fire Straw: How To Make One By Nurse Amy

This is a really COOL way to make portable, waterproof tender called Fire Straw for your bug out supplies! Our website is www.DOOMandBLOOM.net. The idea was shared with me from Jim Cobb author of Prepper’s Home Defense, an awesome book on how to AVOID conflicts and keep your family safe.

03 Jun 2015

Honey Is Medicine by Nurse Amy

Honey is one of nature’s Greatest Medicines. It has so many benefits for our health! Learn about some of them in this video, including wound care, infection prevention and treatment, burn treatment, allergy treatment and MORE! www.DoomandBloom.net for more info on other Survival Medicine options. BTW Manuka honey is a Fraud,

06 May 2015

Video | Survival and Fish Antibiotics: Cipro

Many who are interested in survival stock up on fish antibiotics as they are effective and less expensive than other options. This video breaks down the usages, dosages, side effects and warnings of Cipro. Enjoy!

30 Apr 2015

Lost at Sea, Part 3

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we discussed the unusual case of Louis Jordan, a sailor whose boat capsized off the coast of the Carolinas and who survived 66 days at sea with little ill effect. Special circumstances and Lady Luck played a huge part in his success, but

17 Apr 2015

Lost at Sea? Part 1

In the news, a man named Louis Jordan survived 66 days lost at sea off the Carolina coast with little apparent physical effect. Some have wondered out loud how this is possible: Could it have been staged? I decided to take a closer look at why he was so successful

08 Apr 2015

Choosing A Medic Bag

If you are going to be the medical caregiver for your family or community in times of trouble, you will, hopefully, have accumulated a significant number of medical supplies. I have made the case for medical preparedness a zillion times on this website, but have never really talked about a

03 Apr 2015

Doom and Bloom Medical Survival Kit, Blade Show, Equip 2 Endure

The lovely Nurse Amy gives us a quick overview of one of these well-stocked Medical Survival Kits, designed and built by Doom and Bloom. What medical supplies do you keep for your home and vehicle?