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20+ Survival Uses of Baking Soda

H/t to Happy Preppers

Learn the many uses Preppers have for baking soda

Slug it, throw it, sprinkle it, put some on a toothbrush: baking soda has a multitude of
uses, but we’ve narrowed the list down to the uses most appreciated by preppers.

In the back corner of your refrigerator rests a mighty box, possibly with the logo of an
arm and hammer. This natural salt is a powerhouse! Bicarbonate of soda (or sodium
bicarbonate), better known as baking soda, is an often overlooked component of

Why hoard baking soda? Baking soda is a preppers pantry favorite! It’s as important
today as it was more than a hundred years ago:

  • Pioneers packed around two pounds of saleratus* (a product equivalent to
    baking soda) for their six-month journey along the Oregon trail. They used it not
    only as leavening agent for baking, but also for tonics to cure various ailments.
    They baked bread, biscuits, rolls, cakes, cornbread, Johnny cakes, waffles, pie
    crusts, cookies and crackers, puddings, soufflés, and so much more.
  • Performance Enhancing Substance. Did you know baking soda is a performance
    enhancer for athletes? That alone should influence preppers to take on the
    powers. Loughborough University reported in the June issue of the International
    Journal of Sports Medicine that swimmers who took baking soda an hour before
    a 200-meter event shaved off a significant time off their usual performances!
    Pack some in your bugout bag!

Prepper Uses for Baking Soda:
Certainly baking soda keeps your refrigerator fresh, so be sure to keep an open box of
baking soda in the refrigerator, but the power of baking soda is so much more!
Following is a list of prepper uses for baking soda.

Baking Soda Use #1: Slug a slug with it.
If slugs are bugging you in the garden, then know baking soda will kill slugs. Just pour
baking soda on top of the little pests (salt will do the same trick). Baking soda also
deters ants! (Baking soda is a deter-ant!)

Baking Soda Use #2: Throw it on the fire!
In prepping times, your water is valuable. Baking soda will help you extinguish flames,
so have some handy in the kitchen. Baking soda on flames produces carbon dioxide
and this starves the fire of oxygen. Baking soda will clean your grill as well: make a
paste with a bit of water to scrub the grills clean.

Baking Soda Use #3: Sprinkle it in a stinky bucket or garbage pail.
Baking soda neutralizes odors! This bit of knowledge for preppers will help keep down
the stench of the garbage bins and sanitation buckets.

Baking Soda Use #4: Make lard last longer.
Keeping lard sweet and white using baking soda is something easily accomplished with
baking soda! Prepper homesteaders will appreciate the recipe, immediate right.

Baking Soda Use #5: Put some on a toothbrush.
Baking soda both disinfects your toothbrush and cleans your teeth, so get used to the
taste! While baking soda makes an excellent toothpaste, some choose to mix it with
coconut oil to make it tastier, or hydrogen peroxide to help whiten their teeth. Both
homemade toothpaste recipes will help you whiten your teeth and keep them fresh.
The reason why baking soda is better than fluoride (by all means avoid fluoride)  is
that baking soda is a natural antiseptic. Skip to baking soda use #18 below to learn

Baking Soda Use #6: Soak it in the wash.
Washing your clothes could prove challenging in a disaster situation, but with baking
soda, you’ll help brighten your clothes and remove odors simultaneously. That will
extend your laundry detergent. Add a half a cup of baking soda to your wash.

Baking Soda Use #7: Pat some on your skin.
Baking soda is a deodorant, so throw a bit of baking soda under your arm pits to stay
fresh in a disaster situation.

  • Wash your face and scrub your elbows: Baking soda, through ex foliation, can
    help improve your skin texture, so go ahead and wash your face with the stuff.
    Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the epidermis.) Mix baking soda with
    lemons to ex foliate and soften scaly elbows and chapped heals.
  • Soothe the bug bites: Make a paste of baking soda on apply directly to any rash
    area or use it as a balm for bug bites. Ideal for treating poison ivy, poison oak,
    poison sumac and prickly heat. It can also help heal sunburns.
  • Soak your tootsies! Epsom salt works wonders for your feet to relieve aches
    and pains, but if you don’t have any handy, then get out the baking soda!

Baking Soda Use #8. Swallow it (as an antacid)
Baking soda works as an antacid. Check the label of your baking soda for “pure baking
soda” and you will find a “Drug fact” chart on the box: you’ll ind pure baking soda is an
antacid! As an antacid, baking soda also has a medicinal use. Some say it relieves
heartburn or indigestion. Take small amounts (1/4 teaspoon in a glass of water).

Baking Soda Use #9: Put some in a shoe!
Baking soda is a natural odor fighter for stinky feet. Sprinkle baking in your shoes to
keep the smells at bay. Any parent of a teenager with stinky sneakers will attest that
this is a survival tactic! Seriously, during the Great Depression, people did extra
ordinary things to extend the life of shoes and a sprinkle of baking soda is a shoe-in
for extending the wear of the shoe.

Baking Soda Use #10. Swab some on your fruits and veggies.
Baking soda is a wonderful way to clean fruits and vegetables. Sprinkle it on with
water as a gentle scrub.

Baking Soda Use #11. Wash away the acidity of coffee.
Just sprinkle baking soda in with your coffee before it percolates. This process will
clean your coffee maker and help reduce the acidity of your coffee without affecting the
flavor. In fact, it will enhance the flavor by balancing the PH. Curious about your PH
levels? Buy PH strips, left, to check your acidity.

Baking Soda Use #12. Sprinkle in your eggs to make them fluffy!
Baking soda will also make your omelets more fluffy! This isn’t necessarily a survival
technique if you think of it in ordinary terms; however, in times of crisis it’s the little
things that can provide the edge. Fluffy eggs will be a morale booster

Medicinal uses of Baking soda (uses 13-20):
Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy
What if there were a natural health-promoting substance that was inexpensive,
available at any grocery store in the country, and probably sitting in your cupboard
right now? There is. It is called sodium bicarbonate, although you may know it as
baking soda. For years, sodium bicarbonate has been used on a daily basis as part of
a number of hospital treatments, but most people remain unaware of its full
therapeutic potential. In his new book, Sodium Bicarbonate, Nature’s Unique First Aid
, pictured immediate left, Dr. Mark Sircus shows  how this common compound
may be used in the alleviation, or possibly even prevention, of many forms of illness.

Baking Soda Use #13: Maintain PH Balance.
Sodium bicarbonate can play an important role in achieving optimal pH balance, which
is also revealed in the book, pictured left by Dr. Mark Sircus as an important factor in
maintaining good health.

Having the proper pH may benefit:

  1. cancer prevention and recovery
  2. fungal infection
  3. heart burn
  4. hypertension
  5. kidney disease
  6. influenza (and swine flu!)

Baking soda use #14: Cancer Prevention and Recovery.

Baking Soda Use #15: Works to reduce radiation damage.
Did you know that the United States used bicarbonate to protect the kidneys from
radiation damage?Sodium bicarbonate “qualifies as a survival medicine,” according to a
full  Medical Review by Mark Sircus. “… in case of nuclear attack you will want quite a
bit of it on hand to protect your kidneys and other sensitive tissues.”

Director International Medical Veritas Association, Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral
Medicine explains How to reduce Radiation Damage with Sodium Bicarbonate.

Baking Soda Use #16: Ease sore throats.
Make a mouthwash by mixing several teaspoons with water. As a gargle with baking
soda water can also help minimize the symptoms of a sore throat or persistent cough.

Baking soda Use #17: Reduces Nausea.
Certainly, baking soda is a hangover helper, but it also reduces nausea.

Baking Soda Use #18: Antiseptic.
According to Web MD, Baking soda has mild antiseptic properties. Yes, baking soda can
kill some kinds of parasites, fungi, and mold!

Baking Soda Use #19: Relieve Heartburn.
Relief for heartburn is just a recipe away if you have your trusty package of baking
soda. Here is the baking soda recipe to relieve heartburn. The instructions on the
Arm & Hammer Web site also come with some medical disclaimers as some people
should not use this antacid, including children under five years, people with sodium
restrictions and people on certain medications.

Baking Soda Use #20. Treat swine flu?
People today are continually hopeful to credit baking soda as a cure for disease and
infections** and perhaps it is effective towards fighting infections, such as swine flu,
and preventing diseases such a cancer:

  • Baking soda has a history to treat flu symptomsIn 1924 Arm & Hammer
    produced booklet that claimed its product would minimize flu symptoms. The
    booklet said that rarely any one who had been thoroughly alkalinized with
    bicarbonate of soda contracted the disease.” There are people who ingest
    baking soda in small amounts to keep blood alkaline levels in check.*

Baking Soda and Baking Powder
Wondering what’s the difference between baking soda and baking powder?

Don’t mix up baking powder, which is entirely different from baking soda! Learn
more about the differences below.
you’ll want to pay careful attention when baking because there is a difference as
to when to use baking soda or baking powder; however, let’s start with what’s
the same. They are both leavening agents! So what makes them different?

  • Baking soda (great for cookies) has only “Bicarbonate Of Soda, which is a
    leavening agent. When baking soda mixes with acidic ingredients like honey or
    buttermilk, the chemical reaction is carbon dioxide. The micro bubbles expand
    under heat, which causes cookies to riseWhen you use baking soda, bake
    immediately after mixing the ingredients because the reaction happens
  • Arm & Hammer is the classic baking soda.
  • Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda.


  • Baking Powder (ideal for biscuits and cakes) haSodium Bicarbonate” mixed
    with other ingredients, such as corn starch (a drying agent) or cream of tartar
    (an acidifying agent) among other ingredients. Baking powder releases carbon
    dioxide when exposed to moisture and heat, causing dough and batters to rise
    making them ideal for biscuits and cakes. In fact, during the Great Depression,
    women often replaced eggs with baking powder to make their “Depression
  • Clabber Girl is one of the oldest American food brands still in use. It
    includes sodium Aluminum sulfate.
  • Bob’s Red Mill Baking Powder contains deposits of mineralized sodium
    bicarbonate. Made in a process that uses no chemicals, it’s aluminum free.
    Bobs Red Mill Baking powder keeps best in the refrigerator. Bob’ Red Mill
    Baking Powder is made without aluminum! In fact, it’s one of the few
    aluminum-free, non-GMO baking powders on the market.

NOTE: Baking powder comes in two forms: single acting powders and double

  • PREPPER TIP: Make your own baking powder! The secret is mixing baking
    soda with cream of tartar and cornstarch. In a pinch, you can make your own
    baking powderSave this recipe for inclusion in your personal survival manual.

Generic or Name Brand? Baking soda or Baking Powder
When it comes to buying baking soda, most of the generics are just fine;
however you want one that’s free of aluminum. Look for Bob’s Red Mill
(aluminum-free baking soda).

Baking soda found at the Dollar Tree store was made in the U.S.A. by Karlin Foods
Corp in Northfield, Illinois. (It’s not made in China.) There is only one ingredient in the
famous stuff or the generic: sodium bicarbonate. This is a natural product, so buy it
worry free. You may like to pay more close attention to baking powder, which has more
ingredients, and which may contain aluminum, which you may like to avoid. Another
reason you may like to avoid a non-organic baking powder is that it may contain corn
starch, and 88% of the corn products on the market are genetically modified.

How do baking soda and baking powder work differently?
Baking soda requires another ingredient to make the leavening process activate, while
baking powder already has acidic compound, such as cream of tartar. Baking powder
does not need any substance for the leavening process. Because baking soda has no
leavening power of its own and requires molasses, yogurt or buttermilk to make batter
rise. Be sure to stock molasses and cook with molasses, particularly if you don’t have
dairy cows or goats.


* Saleratus is sodium or potassium bicarbonate used as a leavening agent. As with
Saleratus, baking soda has no leavening power of its own and requires molasses,
yogurt or buttermilk to make batter rise.


** For any health or dietary matter, consult your Doctor before using.

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