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This Illegal Alien Was Allowed To Kill Because Denver Mayor & Cops Didn’t Honor ICE Detainer

Sanctuary cities and the democrats that run them, have declared war on every single “legal” man, woman and child, that they are sworn to protect. If you put the welfare of illegal aliens before that of legal citizens, not only are these people breaking the law, but are directly (through their negligence) causing murders, rapes, robberies and drug trafficking in their cities…and for what…”votes” ?!?

A recent murder committed by an illegal alien in Denver, Colorado made national news after the problem of sanctuary cities has been brought to light by President Donald Trump’s war on illegal immigration. 19 year old Mexican criminal Ever Andres Valles , murdered Timothy Cruz after robbing him at a Denver light rail station.

Here’s the story regarding this tragedy:

Most traditional individuals believe in the simple concept of “law and order” in maintaining a civil society, and logically accessing that law enforcement’s primary duty is to protect the physical well-being of the people, and to obviously also follow the law.

Moreover when those individuals who are tasked with that awesome responsibility, abuse the law themselves, then they must pay the consequences for their actions, and that’s exactly what took place on December 20th 2016 when the Denver County Police Department willfully ignored a “detainer order” by a federal law enforcement agency, namely ICE, and because of that willful abuse, an innocent victim is dead at the hands of another criminal illegal alien.

There’s little doubt that the victim Tim Cruz murdered on the evening of February 7th. would be alive today, if it were not for the actions of the Denver County Police Department, which by all reasoning is indirectly responsible for the murder.

Denver’s long disputed claims as a “sanctuary city” has finally been put to rest when the Denver police refused to comply with a legal order by federal law enforcement ICE agents to detain illegal alien “Ever Andres Valles, 19, by giving ICE agents only a 25-minute notice before releasing him.

Valles, a Mexican citizen, was arrested by ICE agents on local charges in October in Denver and was handed over to the county police, and a detainer order was placed on him.

Despite being a known gang member, Denver cops let this illegal alien ,who was on ICE’s deportation list, walk free and are now desperately trying to avoid blame now that he’s charged with murder.

For those of you who live in Denver, you might want to call the Denver County Sheriff’s office and demand answers from Denver County Sheriff Patrick Firman and also from the Chief of Police, Robert C. White and ask them why they’re allowing their politics to cause the murder of an innocent victim by an illegal alien. The Denver County Sheriff, Chief of Police AND the Mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock, caused the murder of Tim Cruz, by not obeying Federal law. I’m sure that’s a great comfort to the victims family.

Here is the contact information of the 3 public officials mentioned above:

Denver County Sheriff Patrick Firman
(720) 913-2000
Chief of Police Robert C. White
Police Headquarters Building
Phone: (720) 913-6527

And while you’re at it, here’s the mayor’s contact number:

Mayor Michael Hancock
Mayor’s Office Phone Number: (720) 865-9000

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American Kids Learn To Put Condoms On Cucumbers While Russian Kids Learn Something Else

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