Sleeping Idaho Hunter Wakes Up To Black Bear Biting His Head

A bear biting your head? That is one way to wake up!

Video below:

KBOI2 has more…

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) — A Boise hunter is recovering from wounds after he was attacked by a black bear in the Frank Church River-of-no-Return Wilderness.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game says Stephen Vouch, 29, was hunting bighorn sheep on a 16-day trip with two friends when the attack occurred at about 2 a.m. on Oct. 2.

That morning, the hunters were sleeping out in the open in just sleeping bags. Vouch told KBOI 2News he woke up to a sensation of something tugging at his hair. He quickly realized it was a bear.

“Not a growl but kind of a deep puff,” he said. “Like puffing his chest up. Sitting there on his back, just (deep breaths). That was what I could hear.”

The more than 200-pound black bear then bit his head.

“The pain, it was literally just like somebody would grab a handful of your hair,” Vouch said. “When they starting ripping your hair out, this little tingles you feel…that’s what I felt. That’s the sensation that woke me up and made me throw my arm back.”

The hunter then reached for his gun but the bear knocked it aside. Meanwhile, his friend had shot the bear once with a .45 caliber handgun and it fled up a nearby tree.

Idaho Fish and Game says Vouch then shot and killed the bear.

“Anybody who is out there camping with food at night,” said Jon Rachael, Idaho Fish and Game personnel. “If they are leaving trash, empty cans, remnant food around the campfire. Those are all attractants to bears.”

The hide and skull were turned over to Idaho Fish and Game.

Vouch was given medical attention immediately. He did not need stitches and the rabies test from the bear came back with negative results.

He told KBOI 2News that this wouldn’t discourage him from hunting in the future.

“I don’t blame the bear. I am a slow protein compared to an elk and a deer. I’m laying on the ground right there for his picking.”

However next time, Vouch says, he will be using a tent instead of sleeping out in the open with just a sleeping bag.

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