5 Survival Gun Qualities – Top 10 Survival Guns

What do you look for in a survival gun? What survival guns do you own? What guns SHOULD you own? These questions and more are addressed in this compelling article from SkilledSurvival. Enjoy!

Finding the best survival guns depends a whole lot on the weapon and a whole lot on how you intend to use it.

  • Self Defense?
  • Hunting?
  • Indoors?
  • Outdoors?
  • Bugging Out?
  • Bugging In?
  • EDC / Concealed Carry?

The fact of the matter is, no firearm is perfect for every situation.  Each has its unique set of capability.

Yet, there are several fundamental attributes that make some guns better for survival than others.

In this post we’ll cover the following:

5 best survival gun qualities to look for

10 best survival guns


5 Survival Gun Qualities To Look For

1 – Simplicity

You never know when you’ll need your gun and how much time you’ll have to draw it. Even the most sophisticated guns are not typically the best for survival.

Using your guns trigger and safeties shouldn’t need a manual.  These features should be easy to implement.

It should perform efficiently when and an unwanted emergency arises. That means it should load with ease even at the most inopportune moments.

2 – Toughness and Reliability

At the very least, the survival gun you want to own should hold up under the toughest conditions.

A survival gun can have all the latest technologies, but none of that matters if the bullet jams.  You want a firearm that shoots reliably in tough conditions.

3 – Availability and Expense

You don’t want a weapon so rare that it’s difficult to find ammo or parts.  It should use ammo that won’t be hard to find after SHTF.

When SHTF, you won’t be able to get to the specialty gun shop in the next county or put in a priority order on the web.

You also don’t want a survival gun that’s complicated and expensive to maintain.

4 – Broad Versatility

A firearm for defending your family and home isn’t always the best gun for hunting.

An ideal survival gun can be shot accurately while on the move. It should have the capability to takedown a target at long range, or in close quarter combat.  It needs to react quickly and doesn’t matter if it’s a shotgun, rifle or handgun; as long as it’s versatile.

Unless you plan to lug several guns around, find something that fits a broad range of potential.

5 – Overall Weight & Size

You want a light survival gun that doesn’t constrict movement.

Size and weight may not matter if you plan on sitting on rooftops for hours. But it will matter a lot if you are carrying it for miles at a time.

You want something with ample power to take an enemy down without being held back on mobility.

For Pics and Videos Of The Top 10 Survival Guns, Click Here

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