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Survival Bookshelf: Owning Your Survival, by Aaron Frankel

“To “own something” means to take responsibility for something then take action to achieve your desired outcome. But there are more moving parts involved than the phrase might give the impression of.” -Aaron Frankel



There are two things that I value in non-fiction and/or how-to books that I purchase: 1) authenticity, and; 2) credibility. With so many well-meaning publications on the market, especially the survival market, it is often time-consuming to seek out authentic, credible authors. Additionally, there are so many aspects of survival that can be discussed that intellectual wild goose chases can kick off, wasting time and possibly money.

Enter Aaron Frankel

I have known Aaron for almost five years now and we have worked together on a number of survival projects. His podcast, In The Rabbit Hole, continues to provide educational entertainment, and after a few minutes of listening, new audience members will get a feel for the show’s authenticity. Aaron and team are not self-proclaimed experts. They do not take themselves too seriously. They do, however, attempt to “practice what they preach” by constantly experimenting with a growing, modern survival lifestyle.

The In The Rabbit Hole urban farm, for instance, has provided many of us (Aaron Frankel, included) with learning opportunities, and a bit of humor. As Aaron writes, in his haste to learn about survival and become more prepared, he often became side-tracked and overly “tactical,” when his efforts, and his money, could have been better spent focusing on a more balanced approach. I confess, I chuckled a bit in reading how Aaron and his team built a large, impressive urban farm, stocked with rabbits, chickens, and more, yet they overlooked the prominent need for massive amounts of water. As result, the guys found ways to transport in the water that their animals need, and refined their system of overall planning.

These experiences and more have given the gang from In The Rabbit Hole the authenticity and credibility to present a valuable teaching tool in the form of this ebook. Aaron’s “9 Step System” for owning one’s survival can be applied to survival preparedness and life in general.

Owning Your Survival is a quick read, one that is interactive in that the end user is encouraged to ask the tough questions about their situation and then create answers. This authentic, credible ebook helps readers to become more effective “creators of solutions” to their own unique problems.

SurvivalNation recommends Owning Your Survival and the In The Rabbit Hole podcast. The Rabbit Hole Community is filled with positive people, and much learning and fun is to be had. Enjoy!


Owning Your Survival ebook

Owning Your Survival is about taking control of your survival and preparedness now. And it’s about a system you can use to think through dangerous situations, planning, and even daily life.

We’re going to show you how to:

  • Take actionable responsibility for the things you need to get done.
  • Finally get organized with your preparations.
  • Get your survival preparation priorities straight.
  • Make good decisions about your preparations.
  • Become accountable to yourself so you can get stuff done.
  • Get others to become accountable to you for the things they’re supposed to be getting done.
  • Develop a style of communication that helps others understand the importance of what you’re doing.

…All so you can get to most out of your efforts and be better prepared for whatever comes next.

And the book details some funny stories, shenanigans, and lessons we’ve learned about survival over the years. Most importantly–again–it lays out a system for solving survival problems (and everyday problems in life).

What this book is not…

There’s enough books out there telling you how many Twinkies to tuck away for the Zombie Apocalypse, aren’t there?

So Owning Your Survival doesn’t try to recreate the wheel. There’s no discussion on “the perfect rifle or handgun or water gun”. There are no discussions about what the perfect animal trap is or how to construct it. None of that stuff. (In fact, it makes fun of the mountains of “prepper stuff”.)

Instead, this book gives you the mental tools. And these tools will help you work through making decisions and setting priorities about all the other things you read in all the other books. It takes you by the hand step-by-step using your grey matter instead of your wallet for more “stuff”.

Order it now and get started preparing the right way. You’ll get instant access after checkout.

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Video | Building A Debris Hut (With Time Lapse)

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Survival Bookshelf: Owning Your Survival, by Aaron Frankel

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