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YOUNTO.COM: Google Maps for People Who Love the Outdoors – We first ran across the folks from Younto when searching in vain for a place to hunt and bed down for a couple nights in a State we’ve never visited. If there’s a thousand hotel directories on the Internet and hundreds of ways to rent a car anywhere in the world – why can’t I find a one-stop shopping place online to find listings for hunting, fishing, off-roading, shooting and bunking for said outdoor activities?

Now you finally do – it’s called and was invented by people out of just such necessity. I highly recommend if you’re going out of state or really just anywhere you’re unfamiliar with – you check them out before you go. You may just find the diamond in the rough you’re dreaming about to spend a few days or weeks at doing your thing in the great outdoors. And for business owners in the outdoor sports and related industries, can be the thing that quite literally, puts you on the map. Heretofore it was nearly impossible to find the good shops and the great places to go – but you can make your business a part of the best thing to ever happen to people who love the outdoors.

Here’s the skinny below from Younto’s website: was founded by a group of people from the hunting, fishing, off-roading, and shooting world who were not happy about how word of mouth all the best things in the out-doors were. If you were heading out of state, new to an area, or new to a sport, it was impossible to find the good shops and the great places to go. (But there are 1200 websites to find a hotel).

So we decided to do something about it.

Step 1. Create a mapping system that could handle places with no physical addresses, as well as hard to find business locations.

Our system was hand coded with the ability to accept GPS as well as mailing addresses for location accuracy. When you are looking for a trailhead, or a shop in an industrial park, you will find it. Not be left in the middle of the road.

Step 2. Gather the information that people really care about. Can I bring my dog to that campground?

Is that offroad park open to side-by-sides, jeeps? Will that range allow rifles?

We polled enthusiasts to find the 5 most commonly asked questions about every type of venue.

Step 3. Work with the technology people use. Responsive design that works across mobile, tablets, laptops, desktop and everything else. We are constantly upgrading and refining our systems, there is no such thing as good enough.

Step 4. Create a huge ecosystem to distribute member information across all the major social media channels.

Step 5. Become a global company who could deliver on it’s promises. That meant crafting a marketing program that would guarantee traffic to the businesses who are members of our site.

Step 6. Support EVERYONE. We support all legal outdoor activities. It’s not necessary for it to be our hobby to know that they could use our help getting the word out. Since we love the industry we support, we refuse to take advantage of it:

• No data stealing, if you are on our website, it’s because you agreed to be.

• No outrageous fees, we charge just enough to pay our people, pay the operating costs of the website, and so we can dedicate ourselves to it full time.

• Give it back. We donate a LOT of time to the organizations who support our sports, our troops, and our goals. Organizations like BRC,,, and Tread Lightly, the list goes on.

We would like to invite every quality outdoor business to become a member of you need is one customer a year from us to make your money back.

But this is about more than just getting some good advertising. You will be helping us to increase education, interest, and travel to the worlds amazing outdoor places, activities, and the manufacturers and retailers that support them.

It’s an enormous task. But we are up to the challenge.

Join Us. Contact us at today, and we will see you on the site.

What Did You Do This Weekend? Hunting, fishing, off-roading, shooting? At least you know where to find it now! And at Younto it doesn’t end there – you can find wintersports, hiking, camping, biking and many other outdoor activities all over the country. Enjoy!

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