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“Invasive” Edible Plants – Survival Garden Update

My survival garden boasts two “invasive” survival plants, each with an interesting backstory. Walking Onions and Jerusalem Artichokes are now part of the mix and I look forward to watching them grow then combining them in recipes this Fall and Winter.

Walking Onions

As some of you may know, my Walking Onions were mailed to me (dry, brown, and seemingly dead) a couple of years ago, after having taken over my friend’s garden in Oklahoma (picture below.) In 2013 they were placed in the ground but then uprooted during an unexpected move. They spent the Winter of 2013 in the garage and then most of 2014 in a container on the front porch.

Walking OnionsWalking Onions

Now that Spring 2015 is here, I am happy to present the following:

2015 Walking Onions

More than a dozen of these original onions are already “top setting,” so next year I will have around fifty bulbs to spread around my property. These onions are tough, having survived the mail, the winter in the garage, and now a full winter outdoors. Next year I will have enough to fill a front flower bed!

Jerusalem Artichokes


Like the onions, these Jerusalem Artichokes arrived in the mail earlier this week. In this case, I purchased them off of ebay for around $15. These plants are native to North America (not Jerusalem) and were planted by natives along trails so that sustenance would always be available. My intent is to let them take over the back bank and eventually start gifting them to other people.

May 27th, 2015 Update!

Almost six weeks have passed since the pictures above were taken. I am thrilled to report that the 15 or so Walking Onion bulbs are now more like 100!

IMG_1238 IMG_1240 IMG_1241

Each of the 12 original Jerusalem Artichokes has 5 or 6 shoots growing, some reaching two feet tall already!

IMG_1244 IMG_1245

So survival food is growing here in 2015. More updates on the way as the garden continues to take shape. What are your gardening plans this year?

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Body Language of Whitetail Deer

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