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Kodiak Firestarters

I have used a number of “metal matches” or “ferro rods” over the years, and the Kodiak is the best I have seen. Here are a few words from the manufacturer:

What is a Kodiak Firestarter?

The Kodiak Firestarter is the right tool for starting a fire in any weather. Kodiak Firestarters are safe, simple, durable, and waterproof, perfect for every backpack, survival/emergency kit, and tackle box. Easy and safe to use, Kodiak Firestarters can be used with propane stoves and lanterns, bbq pits, gas grills, campfires, and anywhere you need a reliable source of fire. An absolute must for campers, fishermen, hunters, hikers, military, and scout troops.

How does it work?

It burns at over 5,000 degrees which is what helps it to start any type of material, wet or dry.

CAMPFIRES: Hold the firestarter so that the tip is pressing on the ground near dry grass, leaves, moss, cloth, dryer lint, paper, etc. Place the blade on the flint at a 45-degree angle (perpendicular to the flint) and scrape in a downward motion. If you are lighting tinder, scrape some magnesium shavings into a small pile about the size of a quarter. Next, ignite the magnesium with the flint. Place tinder on the burning magnesium. The magnesium will dry out the tinder and start a fire.

BARBECUES: Apply lighter fluid to your charcoal or wood. Aim your firestarter so that sparks land on the lighter fluid. Strike the flint and your fire will be started.

FIREPLACES: Scrape the magnesium into a pile on some newspaper or the wrapping of a Duralog and ignite it with the flint.

Sunjack – Solar Power


Benefit from wall outlet charging speeds, anywhere. Powerful enough to fully charge most phones in 90 minutes and holds enough energy for up to 8 smartphones after just 5 hours of sunlight.

Compatible with your active lifestyle and all USB devices. Charge your phones, tablets, GPS, GoPro, Jambox, lights, and more. With SunJack as your personal power companion, simply plug in and power up.

The UVPaqlite


The Tom Brown Tracker Knife

Tom Brown Tracker Knife

Tom Brown Tracker Knife

Designed by Tom Brown and featured in the movie “The Hunted” as well as the cover of BLADE Magazine.

Blade Length: 4 1/4″
O/A Length: 11 7/8″
Draw Knife: 2 1/8″
Saw: 2 1/2″
Thickness: 1/4″
Weight: 1 lb 12oz
Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon Alloy RC-58
Blade Color: Black Traction Coating
Handle Material: Black Linen Micarta®
Sheath: Kydex With Two Rotating Steel Spring Clips
Mfg. Handcrafted in the USA
* Each knife individually numbered with a serial number

The Sawyer Squeeze

Sawyer Squeeze

Sawyer Squeeze

The Squeeze Filter comes in TWO versatile options:

  • SP131 – 3 pouches: 64 oz, 32 oz, and 16 oz capacity
  • SP129 – 1 Pouch: 32 oz (our most common size)

Simply fill up the pouch at any source of water, screw the filter on to the pouch and proceed to using in multiple ways such as:

  1. Squeeze the bag and filter water into your water bottle or container of choice
  2. Drink directly from the filter which has push/pull cap included for on/off functionality
  3. Attach the filter onto most threaded water bottles, including standard 2 liter bottles.


  • Includes collapsible pouches that are made from durable Mylar foil (100% BPA FREE), can be rolled tightly for easy packing, and can be reused hundreds of times
  • The Squeeze System has a removable push/pull cap built right in, so you can spray water straight into your mouth or use it to fill a water bottle; fills most water bottles in 30 seconds.
  • The PointONE filter removes 99.99999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera and E.coli; removes 99.9999% of all protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium
  • We’ve included syringe to backflush the filter for an ability to maintain the filter in the field as well as to promote a high-flow rate
  • The PointOne will also fit the threads on most bottles of water that you buy at a grocery store; great for international travel
  • Incredibly easy to use, The Squeeze System comes with simple cleaning and maintenance instructions
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